Wednesday gifdump

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  1. Beaches says:

    The guy moving a concrete bricks needs some sort of award…

  2. SgtBob says:

    I remember when you could pull a car by the bumper, but that was a long time ago.
    The truck unloading wood reminds me: Another platoon sergeant said, “How are we gonna get all this stuff off the truck (a deuce and a half)?” I said, “We’re gonna drop the tail gate, back it up as fast as it will go, and slam on the brakes.” He did, and not a damn thing unloaded itself. We had to use Private power.

    • PatrickHenry'sGhost says:

      “Private Power”, funny. If you put a junior NCO in charge of the privates does that mean using private power is ‘Corporal punishment’? Sorry couldn’t resist.

      Long time ago in a galaxy far a way I drove a 2 and half ton GMC with a bolt through the rain gutter to keep the door closed and four working gears out of eight, (fours speed with a hi-low pneumatic splitter), and routinely unloaded entire bunks of 3 inch PVC pipe in that exact fashion.

      It can be done.

      • Jeff C. in NC says:

        OK for reference this is a bunch of Navy guys. I am the Senior Chief with a Master Chief talking with the XO in a Navy field unit on an “field event.” The XO asked when we would have the concertina wire around the armory. I said shortly. The boat division ( a bunch of Boatswain’s mates) came driving up in a old 5 ton and an deuce-and-half full of wire. I was still standing with the XO a short time later and the deuce came flying down the hill and the boss asked how did it get unloaded so fast? “Sir, that is plausible deniability for you.” MCPO finally told him after 3 days of asking. The deck apes backed it up to a tree and used a boat mooring line to pull off 2 pallets at a time and a grappling hook to drag out the rest. TOO FUNNY

      • SgtBob says:

        PHG: I read somewhere (or maybe imagined it) that all Army equipment is built to survive a fall from a deuce and a half. We had a truck load of MILES equipment protected by solid foam stuff, inside metal containers, so why not give it a try? Soldier proofing at its best. Like the corporal punishment, too.

        • macarch says:

          If that is anything like “idiot proofing” it will not work. You can only make things “idiot resistant” because someone is always making a better idiots!

  3. pigpen51 says:

    We had a paper mill for decades here in my city. They brought pulp wood in on trucks loaded like this. They would back the trucks up onto a ramp, and chain it down, then raise the ramp at a steep angle, and dump the lumber off the back, set the truck down, unchain it, and send it on it’s merry way.
    Of course, since paper mills are located on water, this one was on our lake that had a channel into Lake Michigan. They closed down the mill, and tore everything down, and are now building condos, which the very wealthy will buy, and someone will make a ton of money on.

    • Steve S. says:

      Reading your comment, I thought for sure you were talking about the mill in Ontonagon, MI – – until you said Lake Michigan.
      Same deal though. Every single word. Truck, tilt, closed down, tore down. It’s just a empty site with vast concrete pads where the mill used to be.
      No condos, though. Gotta have jobs before you can build and sell condos. NO jobs there. That’s why I live (and work) in Nebraska. But my heart is in the U.P.

  4. Rick says:

    Unloading a truckload of blocks by hand. Oh my aching body.

    The goalie took one for the team needlessly. The ball was not likely to go in.

    Those elephants look stuck.

    Kids do the darndest things.

    Like Sarge said, cars these days. And the idiots who didn’t know better.

  5. Daryl says:

    Third world don’t coddle their kids and swaddle them up in protective gear. They got that going for them.

  6. 15Fixer says:

    How in the world did the race car blow both front tires like that!?!?!?

    • PatrickHenry'sGhost says:

      Could simply be a bad compound. Race tires are often custom compounds. Formula One star Gilles Villeneuve went out that way, blew a tire and went up and over teammate Jody Scheckter to his death.

      On a side note, team owner Enzo Ferrari reportedly could not be bothered to attend his funereal because he wasn’t Italian!

    • Unclezip says:

      A now-fired shitty pit crew.

    • Jack says:

      Tires were ok, no missing pieces, guessing the brake bias screwed up when the brakes were applied. All bias on the front wheels and too much for the discs to handle. It looks like the brake discs exploded but both wheels at the same time? I’ve seen one disc explode and take off a wheel but not both at the same time.

  7. nonncom says:

    How do you kill a red elephant?…..with a red elephant gun… do you kill a blue elephant?…..kick him in the balls til his face turns red and shoot him with a red elephant gun….

  8. Brick Inspector says:

    Much like the guy unloading blocks, I had a summer job unloading fresh bricks off the kiln car behind me onto a conveyor belt in front of me. My guess was we each handled 8 tons of bricks per per day. By Friday afternoon, the we were unloading cars that had been pulled out of the kiln the night before, still 120 to 150 degrees. I marveled at how similar the Play-Doh Fun Factory I had as a child compared to the real thing, right down the the giant cheese cutters to make the bricks.

  9. Eastwood says:

    I’ve heard of “taking one for the team but what that soccer player did wasn’t what I thought they were talking about.

  10. Poul D'eau says:

    It’s hard to steer into the skid when you have no front tires.

  11. First construction job I was on, fresh out of college, the contractor bought bricks from a Mexican factory. ( Houston area 1979). The 18 wheeler pulled onto our jobsite. A flatbed loaded with bricks for our apartment project.I wondered where the pallets were?
    He asked, in very broken English, where we wanted the bricks. Then he, the driver, proceeded unloading that entire truckload by himself. Took him 5 hours.
    We ended up refusing the bricks (you could gradually pour a coke bottle of water into a single brick over a few hours, and it held it like a sponge). The same driver returned and loaded the bricks up, solo, again. A couple weeks later.
    We bought ACME after that.

  12. crazyeighter says:

    I don’t know what the XO was worried about; even a bunch of Boatswain’s Mates couldn’t break a roll of concertina wire.

    And XOs should know better than ask a Master Chief a question they think they might not like.

  13. Burgess Schnitzius says:

    We unloaded a C-130 with 5 pallets of 155mm High Explosive rounds by locking the brakes, running up all four engines, lowering the ramp with the loading ramps attached and then driving out from under the pallets. Called a combat offload, no personnel, no equipment needed.
    Got me a DFC for abusing all that ammo.

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