When you load your pack wrong

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11 Responses to When you load your pack wrong

  1. Nemo says:

    Alternate title: When you’re too stupid to walk 20 feet to your right so as to avoid having to jump over a trickle of water.

    Nice face plant.

  2. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Grrrllll power! Jane gets an A+ in faceplant.

  3. Critter says:

    And your laptop goes in the creek.

  4. Tom MacGyver says:

    I guess that’s being DOWN Sh!t’s Creek!

  5. crazyeighter says:
  6. POd American says:

    The best lessons in life are learned the Hard Way.

  7. brighteyes says:

    Well, out in the wilderness one tries to keep dirt off their pretty boots. Go back to the sidewalk where you belong.

  8. Riverwood says:

    It’s the little stupid shit that will get you killed in the back country, plus, who the hell takes a laptop backpacking?
    Simple lessons for woods travel
    1) never step on what you can step over
    2) never step over what you can step around

    • Curtis says:

      part the first. Not what I was taught long ago.

      Step on, look and step over.

      Of course this was learning the woods in the back country in rattlesnake and coral snake territory. It’s kind of close to that old analogy, look before you leap.

  9. grayman says:

    That is not a laptop she dropped it appears to be a map the way it flaps around when it hit the ground

    • Critter says:

      You’re right, it does appear to be a map. Not that it will do her much good, head down in the creek.

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