Why Trump Thinks He’s Pro-Gun

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Politics suck. There’s no short way around it.

In this day and age of deep divisiveness not seen since the caning of Senator Sumner in the Old Senate Chamber back on May, 22nd 1856 –a act of political violence that foreshadowed the approaching war between the states – it’s a safe bet that today’s radical Democrat party is attempting to push America in a perilous direction.

An increasingly militant Democrat Party is openly embracing socialism as the party leaders conduct a brutal culture war, at the forefront of which is their open desire to disarm the populace.

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3 Responses to Why Trump Thinks He’s Pro-Gun

  1. Joe Jackson says:

    Dude – thanks for the referrals!

    • Wirecutter says:

      No problem, it’s a good article.
      While I’ll be the first to agree that Trump’s done a great job in some aspects of his presidency, his stance on guns is lacking.

  2. Perceptive comment regarding how little wiggle room President Trump will have in the next election.
    It shouldn’t be so, with the economy, the pro-American foreign policy, the brilliant handling of China on trade; he should be a shoo-in. But this is going to be the dirtiest election in our history.

    There are gun owners, hunters mainly, that don’t own ‘bump-stocks’ or silencers and see no need for them. They live in Democratic states and we don’t want to give them a reason, any reason, to vote Democratic in the next National Election. I know some of these guys.

    Maybe we can re-package them as “Pelsoi” anal probes?

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