A Swift driver – imagine that

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  1. Kapt Kaos says:

    How do you know when your wife is having an affair with a Swift driver?

    You come home from work and he’s still trying to back his car out of your driveway.


  2. Turd Burglestein says:

    Sure Wish I’d Finished Training

  3. Butch says:

    We made the five hour run from San Antonio to Dallas today to take grandson home to mama. A little over half the trip was on I-35 and the rest was on the Toll road 130 (where the speed limit is 85). We saw more broke down semi’s on this year’s trip than ever before, and it got me to wondering. The trailers have fairly short turn-around times and the tractors may sit a little longer between runs, but is anyone doing any maintenance or just simple inspections?
    Do the trucking yards even have full time mechanics working or is everything contracted out?

    I had a FIL who was a dirt hauler. He owned and drove ten wheel dumps with Pup-trailers. He made sure his drivers checked everything, every night on those trucks. Then on weekends him and his drivers would spend another 8 hours going over every inch of the dump bodies, the hydraulics the frames on everything and the brakes.

    Maybe these big trucking outfits don’t do that anymore. When it breaks they pull off the road and call a repairman to come fix it.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Safeway NorCal Distribution Center, the company I worked for before I retired, had a full time truck and trailer shop and both tractors and trailers were inspected regularly.
      I don’t know about the tractors because I never dealt with them , but just about anybody could redline a trailer – the mechanics, the loader (if there was something wrong with the floor or walls), the hostlers, and the drivers.
      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve loaded a trailer only to find the driver redlined it when he went to pick it up. Then it’s all about unloading it and reloading into a different trailer.

    • fjord says:

      You sure that they were broke down? Hours of service have them sitting on the side of the road.

      Ecm shuts off.

      • Matt says:

        Ecm does not shut off. You can run 20 hours straight with electronic logs. D.O.T. finds out they’ll fine the shit out of you but your truck will not shut down. Ive been a diesel tech for 30 years. They’ll slow down and brake. Tell you when you’re drifting out of your lane. Keep the cab at an almost perfect 72 degrees but they won’t shut off for hours of service. If they have an emissions problem they’ll derate the unit to 5mph till you get it fixed.Low oil level or pressure, high coolant temp or low coolant level they’ll shut down IF it’s set up that way. I think before it shuts the unit down for hours of service they will be driving themselves. No need to worry about hours of service if you eliminate the driver.

  4. Handy Longhaul says:

    Dipshit forgot to lock the trailer tandems after sliding them.
    Many Swift drivers aren’t.

    • oldawg says:

      Yep, my take on it. It seems to only happen at the large carriers with the warm body and fresh license hiring practice.

  5. Dorothy says:

    I do not see the Trailer in the 1st Picture. Did the Tandems wind up in front of, or behind the Trailer?

    • Daryl says:

      Driver kept going, gotta make the delivery on time.

    • oldawg says:

      Usually behind. These probably ended up in front after they were punted by the next Swift truck following exactly 6.28 feet behind. I retired in ’07 after forty years long haul because I was no longer amazed at the sheer numbers of dumbassery seen every day.

  6. Tree Mike says:

    Rear brakes lock up from air pressure failure?…and carriage not secured?

    • Scruff says:

      Handy Longhaul nailed it. He slid the tandoms to the frontmost position and did not engage the locking pins. Then going down the road applied the brakes and the tandoms hit the rear of the carriage so hard they tore off. Stuf like this is only getting worse out there as oldawg also nailed it with the warm body hiring. There are many green card drivers from all over the world now driving in the U.S. and some do not even speak english. I meet plenty of them.

  7. outdoorjohn2014 says:

    I’m reminded of an old aviationism – ‘If it seems to be requiring an unusual amount of power to taxi after landing, it’s because you forgot to lower the gear’.

  8. Gryphon says:

    Fortunately, Nobody got Hit by the Escaped Tandem… Was on I-95 in Maryland once, and a Set of Axles came Hurtling through the Brush on the Median Strip, right into the Side of a Dump Truck. Spun him Out and Rolled into the Median, Driver was able to Crawl Out by the Time we stopped.
    Just about Anybody can get a CDL now, Speaking English is no longer a Requirement, it seems.

  9. Robbie says:

    Not familiar with Swift but I do think that FedEx rig drivers are complete lunatics. Generally speaking of course. If a rig pisses me off on the highway, there’s a good chance that it’s one of theirs.

    Anyone have any idea why that might be?


  10. C says:

    Recently a female SWIFT driver literally begged me to back her truck in a spot at a Loves.
    She admitted to having no idea how to get it done.
    I refused and it turned into a cluster.

    • H says:

      I would have paid one hundred dollars to have seen that show.

      Old joke we used to tell about a different carrier, oh maybe 30-odd years ago when I was still driving, but maybe it would work here as well: What’s the most useless thing on a woman? A Schneider driver.

  11. LowKey says:

    Swift Driver to his Wife: Honey, why do you never tell me when you orgasm?
    Wife: Because you’re never there.

    Q:Why do they paint the bottom of J.B. Hunt trailers orange?
    A: So people think they belong to Schneider when the driver rolls ’em.

  12. that guy says:

    I’m a current long haul flatbed driver. It is scary thinking about “professional” drivers not making sure thinks are locked in and secured. And the amount of eastern European dudes out here is unreal.

  13. rolldog says:

    All these trucker jokes makes me think of Gene Tracy an old comedian who told many trucker jokes. Hilarious.

    Robbie – Fed Ex drivers piss me off all this time as well. They travel in pairs and go 70 mph EXACTLY (in NE). They pull out to pass someone going 69 and take 3-4 miles to complete the pass. Meanwhile, 30 cars are backed up. They are also notorious for cutting cars off when they pull out to pass.

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