Alabama doesn’t play games with child molesters

DOTHAN, Ala. (Meredith) — An Alabama man who admitted to raping, sodomizing and sexually abusing at least five children received a 615 year sentence, WTVY-TV reports.

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5 Responses to Alabama doesn’t play games with child molesters

  1. DanB says:

    615 years is stupid. 5 years in general population with the words “child molester” burned into their forehead with a branding iron. If, IF, they survive, put them in the same furnace that was used to heat the branding iron. Do it in the winter; that way they can help supply some heat to the other inmates.

  2. lil jack says:

    I’m glad he’ll never breathe the air of freedom again, but a 615 year sentence is meaningless unless they keep him alive, at taxpayers’ expense, for the full 615 years, eating 3 squares a day and sleeping in a bed provided by the people of Alabama. Everyone’s heard that child molesters are mistreated/beaten/killed by other inmates; maybe true, maybe not.
    My idea of punishment would be to drop him in one of the ‘no-go’ hellholes of Africa or the Middle East where homosexual raping is prevalent….

    • Wirecutter says:

      615 years means he’ll never be paroled out, unlike a life sentence, because you have to serve a certain percentage before you’re eligible. I knew a guy in California that did 7 years on a life sentence for homicide, paroled out for a couple years, killed another guy and was sentenced to life again, then paroled out for that one after 15 years.
      And yes, it’s true that child molesters in the joint are beaten and killed. It’s a badge of honor for a convict to have killed a child molester.

  3. SgtBob says:

    Just hang him.

  4. SomeGuy Somewhere says:

    He will be killed in prison within 4 years, or as soon as the inmates in an Alabama prison can get to him.

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