An Extremely Superficial Review of the Democratic Debates

Last Wednesday and Thursday night, the top twenty Democratic presidential candidates—yes, there are actually more than twenty—locked horns in Miami to bitch about corporations, racial injustice, brown children who are denied Facebook access in concentration camps, how guns are uncool, and all the other shit no one really cares about. Every last one of them was rich and powerful—at least compared to me—yet none of them could stop screaming about the “rich and powerful.”

After thinking that my vote for Trump would change something—anything—I’m back to where I was before 2016—despondent that voting changes anything at all. I am unfamiliar with nearly all of these clowns, and I doubt that I’d be persuaded even if they explained their policies.

My “analysis” of their performances is based not on their policies, because I doubt that even they understand their policies, if they in fact have them. Instead,I will focus on what actually decides elections—physiognomy and gut reactions.

Here are the 20 candidates, presented in alphabetical order.

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3 Responses to An Extremely Superficial Review of the Democratic Debates

  1. Mike_C says:

    Kamala Harris ate [Biden] alive on some alleged “racism” in his past, but Joe knew it would be political suicide to get salty with an ex-Negress.

    On the contrary. I think that if Biden had the brains, balls and brawn to counterattack he would actually have gained far more support than he might lose. Quick take analysis follows, but he should have responded with something like the following:

    “Who are YOU to claim to speak for American blacks, Kamala Harris? Your mother was Indian, with a PhD from Berkeley, and your father – from Jamaica – was a Professor of Economics at Stanford University. YOU are a child of privilege, so who are YOU to claim to speak for poor American blacks? How DARE you appropriate their suffering for your own political advantage? You don’t truly understand how they’ve suffered, because you are NOT one of them. The most American black you’ve had in you is when you were taking dictation from Willie Brown.”

    QTA: With that Biden would have picked up support from the working-class (as in people who actually did labor, both skilled and unskilled) wing of the traditional Democrat party that has been completely excluded from the white-hating, degeneracyworshipping abomination of today that bears the same name. As to losing black votes, the only ones he’d have “lost” are those who would never have voted for him in the first place.

    Okay, maybe I wouldn’t have said the Willie Brown part, but if I were Biden, all the rest of it definitely. It would have been a STRONG net gain for him.

    Finally, for those of you inclined to argue about “suffering of American blacks” — here’s the short take. It doesn’t MATTER if you believe they’ve suffered or not. Sometimes you decide to accept the position of the enemy in a debate so you can score a bigger hit on him using his own twisted premises and showing his hypocrisy.

    • Bert says:

      Rush says it best with his three word explanation:

      “Low information voters”.

      Politicians, if they want to get elected, have to and do tailor their message accordingly, and will tell more lies than truth if that is what is needed.

      Which also explains the huge push to allow illegals to vote. Maybe Rush can modify to:

      “Low information illegal voters”, which pretty much sums up America’s insanity.

  2. pigpen51 says:

    I find it disingenuous to speak about the suffering of the American blacks, without also speaking of the suffering of the other oppressed peoples who have come to this country, or even been born here. The Irish were among the very first slaves brought over to the new world. Chinese coolies were forced labor while building the transcontinental railroad.
    Just a generation ago, people like my father and many of his generation were forced to drop out of school and go to work to help support their families. My dad went through the 8th grade, which seems to be pretty much the standard age for many young men of his generation. A few years later, he was able to join the Army, and they helped him get his GED, another thing that seems to have been kind of a standard thing.
    I have to say, Tulsi Gabbard is a leftist, but I have kept an eye on her since the last election, mostly due to the fact that she is former military. So that gives her one extra point. But only one. I am a single issue voter at the federal level, and that issue is gun rights. So we shall see what Trump does between now and then.

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