Another “Aw fuck” moment in time

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  1. Rob says:

    Gone too far but not too far gone…

  2. BlueMntCeltic says:

    Cudda been a lot lot worse if that parking block hadn’t caught the back wheels. Had something similar happen back in college driving home for the summer. Parked by the side of road to do some collecting (botany) and I not only didn’t set the parking brake, I left it in 3rd gear (GMC carryall)….well about the time I got to the rear fender I noticed the wheel turning, and back I raced to stop my vehicle from rolling over a 30 ft. bank…naturally I’d locked the door …. fortunately the truck rolled up onto a huge bush and stopped with one front wheel over the cliff and the other front wheel barely on the bank, I might have been able to back off but one rear wheel was off the ground so, nope, not havin’ it. Fortunately a Kansas car came along shortly thereafter and pulled me back on the road. Why do I remember it was a car from Kansas? I distinctly remember it because this was in Colorado and I’d grown up driving with my family stuck behind flatlanders gawking at the hills, usually from Kansas, Oklahoma and the worst….Texas, but ever since that incidence, all Kansas cars get a pass.

  3. Daryl says:

    I would think a parking lot in such an are would have curbs to prevent this from happening.

  4. terrapod says:

    You guys….. he is just doing a Turkish oil change on the van. Park it over a dirt road or over a ditch, drain old out onto the dirt, plug in and new oil – done!. You note the chock on the back wheels, that is for safety doncha know. Trust me on this, I have seen it done in many countries.

  5. Old Gray Wolf says:

    Apparently, it is easier to get the money to buy an RV than it is to get the brains to drive them. Just a general observation after a few decades of watching them…

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