back in the good ol’ days…

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  1. brighteyes says:

    9 out of 10 Doctors recommend Camels. Any of you recall that ad?

  2. John Thomas says:

    Carlton “Not a cough in a carton”

  3. Bert says:

    My daughter has a picture of her when she was 2, decked out in her playsuit, holding a 16 oz. can of cold beer in front of the old Norge refigerator; she keeps that one in her “Dad” gallery.

  4. B_Rad says:

    In some what related news, I chew. Copenhagen. I live in Northern California that as everyone knows is currently trying to figure out how to tax air. When I first start chewing a can of Cope cost .89 cents. They just raised the taxes AGAIN on it. Last night I paid $9.11 for a can of Copenhagen. Fxcking Bastards.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I chew too. 5 bucks a can for Long Cut, about a buck less for Natural.

      • Blackdog says:

        Try Stoker
        A big tub (about 6 cans worth) 15$. In Ohio.

      • Butch says:

        Ya’ll ought to hunt around online for Indian (feather) tobacco stores that sell online. I used to get my Days-O-Work plug tobacco at about half what the grocery stores charge. Some years ago the Post Office got wind of tobacco being shipped through the mails, so the store that I bought from had to ship by private courier.

        This no shit. One day I get a call and this guy is asking how to find my house. So I ask why, and he says he has a package for me from New York. I knew I was getting two boxes of plug soon, but had no idea how it would arrive..

        So when this guy gets here, he’s driving this tiny little car and it is full of boxes. He tells me he’s been on the road for five days delivering tobacco all over the country. Actually the Indians would ship a big load for a region of the country to some drop spot and then their couriers would pick up the orders on their route and bust ass for a week delivering. That went on for awhile and then they went back to the USPS with different labels.

        I began having problems with my teeth. I knew my gums were in bad shape from chewing. Hell, I started when I was 16. I switched from loose leaf to plug when I discovered I didn’t need to spit with plug. It was hard to spit in High School, I couldn’t always sit by the windows. Yeah, we didn’t have A/C in schools back then and every classroom had a full wall of windows. I guess I could have brought an empty beer bottle with me to spit in but that may have put some of my teachers really over the top.

        So, about five years ago I stopped chewing when I was going to the Dental College to have implants installed. They so much as told me that if they caught me chewing again they would remove all my implants. I have five and still need to go back and have two more done.

        Too bad, I loved tobacco. I smoked until there was more mule shit than tobacco in the cigarettes. I rolled Bull Durham and Prince Albert for years. But wives get shitty about stuff like that. Especially when you roll a cig in public. Growing up I was told how the cowboys could roll a Bull Durham with one hand, the other hand was holding their hat over the rolling job so the wind didn’t blow all the Bull Durham flakes out. I never got good with one hand, but that was some mighty fine smoke. I had some pipes I’d puff on from time to time. Still have them, They are pipes Dad bought back before WW II.

        Anyway, check out the Indian smoke shops.

      • Wayne Wilson says:

        I remember buying a roll of Skoal for $3.50 back in the 70’s . A roll was 10 tins.

      • Sanders says:

        Had a roommate from Tennessee when I was in the Army. All he chewed was twist tobacco he was sent from back home.

    • Elmo says:

      Quit. I did. I’ll be damned if I’m going to give the state of California more in taxes for a can of chew than the people who grow the tobacco, make the product, transport the product and retail the product get, combined. Fxck the Bastards.
      It also made it easier to quit when I found out that the tobacco tax is one of the funding sources used to pay for free healthcare for illegals. Fxck those Bastards too.

  5. Beaches says:

    I never smoked. But I remember candy cigarettes. Are used to love to get them at the corner store.

    Also, my mom would write me a note so I could go down to the store and buy her a pack of cigarettes.

  6. SgtBob says:

    At the end of the Phil Silver show, the announcer always mentioned Camel sending a number of cartons to such-and-such VA hospital.

  7. Elmo says:

    Okay, old timers. Whazzit mean?

  8. Spiting image of my Uncle Jack.

  9. Skip says:

    My little brother and I didn’t even need a note. My uncle gave me my first cigarette and beer at 13.
    63 years later, still token and chuggin’.

  10. grayjohn says:

    Not a cough in a carload. Old Gold.

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