Baseball – The All American Game

It is known as America’s pastime – but the first recorded game of baseball actually took place in England.

Now, 270 years on, a blue plaque has been unveiled in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, to commemorate the first time it was played as a competitive sport.
-Jack Russell

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2 Responses to Baseball – The All American Game

  1. kennymac says:

    Hockey Rules.

    ” If there’s anybody here that’s going to be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the f*** out now — because you’ll never see the ice in this arena.”

  2. SgtBob says:

    I ain’t buying the baseball is English. The hockey coach gets a big round of applause. And, has any member of the women’s soccer team gone against the loudmouth?

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