Berkeley – it figures

The parents of two transgender children have told how they supported them unconditionally, after they both decided to transition to the opposite sex from an early age.

Ben Faryna and Sara Kaplan, from Berkeley, California, welcomed a biological daughter and then a biological son, to their family.

But at the age of eight, James Kaplan, now 11, who was born a biological girl, realised he had to transition from female to male.

And just a few years later Olivia Kaplan, now 7, who was biologically born a boy, realised at 4 that she wanted to transition from male to female. Their names at birth have not been revealed.

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19 Responses to Berkeley – it figures

  1. FaCubeItches says:

    I’m fairly sure that the ultimate ending to this story is going to involve both kids, a tall building, and a couple of high-powered rifles.

    • censusdesignatedplace says:

      I was thinking that the little guy/girl/guy, whatever it is, the youngest looks like the type to go all ballistic Lizzie Borden some day.

  2. censusdesignatedplace says:

    I’m sitting here trying to come up with a comment. Any comment. I got nothing, just fucking appalled beyond words.

  3. Tsquared says:

    Parenting fail.

  4. Jeremy says:

    The gene pool is about to get a little cleaner. Parents like that do not deserve the joys of grandkids.

  5. Firehand says:

    Nothing less than child abuse.

  6. censusdesignatedplace says:

    So did they repaint their rooms or just trade rooms? Neither because they all probably sleep naked under a parachute in the “family” room.

  7. TRF says:

    Child abuse, plain and simple!

  8. Rick says:

    Children are four years apart in age. Both children made ‘their’ decision three years ago. Naw, it couldn’t be that the older influenced the younger which resulted in him/her/it coming out at the same time. What I want to know is who was influencing the older child three years ago. Of course the decision was not made by the children.

  9. M. Sage says:

    Wow, something that only happens to less than 1% of the population, and it happened to BOTH of their kids? What are the odds!?

    Zero. The odds are zero. These kids need to be taken away.

    • tom762 says:

      Try less than .001% of the population! Child abuse from totally fucked up parents, who do not deserve children.

      Take away the kids? By the child protectors? Gov will destroy them even more!!!

      OMFG!!!!! The craptacaclypse cannot start soon enough!

      • David Font says:

        Tom your math doesn’t work by a factor of over 200. HBIGDA is the gatekeeper for USA trannies. There have been 20,000 sex change operations a year for the last 30 years, at least.
        There are two major problems with transgender care. First there is no test to determine if the patient is transgendered. It the absence of a qualitative test, HBIGDA came up with a prove you are transgender by making it an one size fits all, endurance test based on lifestyle to get the patient to drop out before they get to surgery. They came up with a plan but insurance and govt claimed it is cosmetic surgery and insurance won’t pay for it. HBIGDA then turned on the only group they could control, the trannies. If you were a doctor, therapist or even a lawyer you could vote on policy. If you were transgendered you could join HBIGDA but since you were only an interested third party, you could not vote on policy of care. It has a lot in common with the 1800s when policy concerning native americans was made by a bunch of white guys in Washington. It became a bureaucratic mess. DocFont

  10. ChuckN says:

    Ask anyone who works with kids and is not a kool-aid drinker and they will tell you that behind every single ‘transgender’ kid is at least one parent subjecting them to horrific mental abuse and a complicit ‘education’ establishment. Most of the teachers I’ve met who accept such nonsense do so for nothing more than maintain the delusion that they are helping the kid and not abetting in destroying a life.

  11. snuffy says:

    In a sane world, the parents would be shot. The kids would be told the unvarnished truth. Their parents made them crazy.

  12. Daryl says:

    Can see it in the mother’s eyes. ”ME ME ME I need the attention. ”

  13. Back woods okie says:

    My cat is a vegan

  14. Sanders says:

    But if the kids had cancer and were taking chemo and it wasn’t working for them, the state would take them away if the parents decided to seek alternative treatments for the kids.

    Read a story about that, yesterday with a mother and her 13 yr. old daughter. Chemo wasn’t working, so the mother took the kid out of chemotherapy treatments to seek alternative cancer treatments and the state took her kid away.

  15. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Betcha’ if these kids had not been exposed to the Tgender “idea” by the parents, then it wouldn’t have been an issue. Stupid parents have ruined these little kids for life.

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