Break out the hush puppies and beer

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  1. grego says:

    What kind of fish is it?

  2. grego says:

    Wow. Many a good meal hanging right there.

  3. Padawan says:

    You could feed a village with that.

  4. WoodBurner says:


  5. Murkan Mike says:

    Most likely a “Siluro” Wels out of the Spanish river “Rio Ebro”, upriver from the dam, near Zaragosa. There is a chicken processing plant, and the reservior gets all of the scraps. When my kids were younger, i had a camper on that reservior, and fished that area for many years. Back then, there were also some serious American black largemouth bass there as well. BASS used to hold an annual tournament on that lake. Some pindick Frenchmen illegally stocked the lake with walleye, and the walleye ate all of the bass in the lake.

    But those big Siluro are only getting bigger, as you can’t really eat them, although some of the spaniards do. Hooking a 120 kilo Siluro on 12 pound test line and a medium action rod is more fun than a night with a 14 year old hooker.

    I used to only wish that I could shoot a wild boar that weighed as much as a Siluro I caught.

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