Congratulations, Sir – Well Done

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4 Responses to Congratulations, Sir – Well Done

  1. Daryl says:

    Bernie says I deserve the same pay and benefits even If I don’t to jack on the days I actually feel like showing up.

  2. Kapt Kaos says:

    God bless that man. Hopefully some kid noticed the sign and realized that you are what you make yourself. I’ve still got a few more years to go before I pull the plug but I planned it all out from the beginning. With that said, off to the job site. I have a bit of jackhammer action lined up today and possibly some sidewalk grade work for the cement finishers. Happy Friday everyone.

  3. enn ess says:

    And that, boys & girls, is key to success in any endeavor………

  4. Elmo says:

    Well done, Sir!
    That was a righteous idea for him to do that. I would have stopped and given him five bucks and told him to have a beer on me. I’d like to think he would have accepted it, but he might not have.

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