Crazy Anti-Cat Lady

This is the shocking moment a kitten was thrown 25 feet across a road by a furious neighbour. CCTV cameras caught April Hawes, 38, throwing eight-month-old Shadow at her neighbours door, shouting ‘I’m going to knock her out’. She was furious that the cat kept coming into her garden. The terrified cat landed on the pavement suffering soft tissue damage. Hawes appeared at King’s Lynn magistrates, in Norfolk, where she admitted picking up the cat and flinging it at her neighbour’s home.

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7 Responses to Crazy Anti-Cat Lady

  1. Mals says:

    I’m glad to see this mean bitch fined. Haviing said that, cats belong INDOORS, where they can have a safe life and not outdoors, where they terrorize anything smaller than they are.

  2. Highlander (no More..) says:

    Keep yer f’ing cats in your own yard! We get multiple cats dumped on our farm every year. They destroy gardens, kill chicks, and eat trash.

  3. brent says:

    If you love your animals TAKE FN CARE OF THEM!!!!

    Its one thing for an animal to occasionally get out- totally different to allow fluffy to run free to shit where he pleases. Your rights END when the other guy’s begin.

    SSS. I hate feral cats.

  4. Unclezip says:

    My idiot cat lady neighbor finally got the message when she started making many trips to the shelter 30 miles south of us to recover her little preciouses. The Baroness does all her gardening by hand, and does not appreciate the shit mixed into the sod. So when she says to take care of a problem, then by God I’ll take care of the problem. Ain’t no big thing trapping a cat – domestication makes ’em stoopid.

  5. Johno says:

    Dammit all, the poor little kitty is not at fault here! It is a little known fact that cats suffer greatly from a mineral deficiency in their diet, causing the innocent dears to get into trouble. This is best corrected with a quick dose of lead.
    If this is not possible, especially with goody-goody types like this lady’s shithead neighbour, then move to somewhere in the vicinity of an Asian restaurant. The damn cats won’t be roaming around too long there.

  6. Rick says:

    Did they interview the cat? How do they know the cat was ‘terrified’? Is ‘soft tissue damage’ a boo-boo, a scrape of skin? People and animals get ‘soft tissue damage’ every doggone day. Oh, I know. it was a case of journalistic license. It seems the author of this article got their feelz hurt more than the kitty-cat.

  7. WoodBurner says:

    Appeared to be well deserved flying lessons.

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