CWB Chicago

CWBChicago was created in 2013 by five residents of Wrigleyville and Boystown who had grown disheartened with inaccurate information that was being provided at local Community Policing (CAPS) meetings.

We knew from city data that robberies in our neighborhood had been soaring to record highs for three consecutive years. Yet public officials and police representatives at CAPS meetings continually said that crime was going down.

Now if you want to see what kind of a shithole Chicago really is, hit the link and check out the stories.
Thanks to WiscoDave for the link.

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8 Responses to CWB Chicago

  1. MMinLamesa says:

    Seriously, why the fuck do you live in a place like that? I don’t give crap what color you are, Chicago is filled with so many lowlifes you are literally rolling the dice every fucking time you go outside.

    I grew up there. I remember many a midnight(or later), shall we say, “enhanced” trip down to the shores of Lake Michigan. Summer or winter, it was gorgeous. Or hop the El down to Addison to catch the Cubs. Or comedy clubbing it in high school. Riding my bike where ever the fuck I wanted…well even then, not so much the south side, although we would sometimes venture down there for fabulous ribs. If you’ve never been to the Museum of Science & Industry, it’s almost worth the visit even these days. Downtown, The Loop, was full of small, off the wall shops where you could spend all day. I remember a bunch of us sneaking into a Russ Meyer movie in an off the main drag theater, wow, those titties!

    Now? Those activities would be suicidal.

    Too GD bad. I’ve lived in small, no black towns for over 30 years but damn, The Big City, in the old days, was pretty cool.

    • rob says:

      No shit.

      It’s worth noticing the majority of those assaults by Basketball-Americans on white people occurred AFTER 1 am. I lived in that hole for a few years over 45 years ago, and I wouldn’t have dreamed of roaming the streets that time of night. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • FaCubeItches says:

      How could you miss out on all of the vibrant diversity of Cabrini Green?

  2. I do notice a certain common link (or “Hue”) to the stories.

  3. Bear says:

    I’ve been reading CWBChicago and checking their twitter feed since the Smollet hoax. They actually do real news, and do it well. A bunch of the Smollet BS was broken by them.

    They’re funny as hell, too.

  4. Brad_in_IL says:

    Don’t forget two others …

  5. grayman says:

    The reason they say that crime is going down is because that is what they are telling the state. To make the state think they are doing a good job. At the meetings they then tell you that the state has the latest crime stats and see it is going down! It also works for the sheriff to brag at election time, it is done all the time.

  6. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    State and Federal figures are not to be trusted. At all. Congress even passed a law a few years back that makes spewing propaganda to citizens legal. That’s right, lying by the gov is now legal, can you believe it?

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