Hickok45 cuts ties with the NRA

Corny gun-loving YouTuber Hickok45 and his son John recently announced their decision to part ways with the NRA. They’ll no longer accept sponsorship money from NRA, nor will they continue begging viewers to join NRA.

From the video description:

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4 Responses to Hickok45 cuts ties with the NRA

  1. Sigproshooter says:

    Fuck the NRA.I stepped on their air hose years ago. Either do the job or go broke. They’re doing neither one now so either is an improvement. Fucking fudds and douche bags. GOA all day long.

  2. =TW= says:

    Past time for the NRA to get its shit together.
    The potential clout of this organization outweighs that of other gun rights groups but is being wasted by supporting compromise and “common-sense” legislation.
    Each compromise is an incremental win for gun grabbers.

  3. RandomPoster says:

    I cut ties with them about 5 years back. I’ve never received so many telemarketing phone calls, junk mail, 6 magazines with the same story inside but with different covers and donation mailers ever in my life.

    They never really cared about gun rights, just the donations.

    Wayne LaPierre’s hands must be shaped like donation jars.

  4. pigpen51 says:

    I rejoined the NRA after one hell of a lot of thought and worry. I knew all the problems that they had, and their recent problems are not really a surprise. I am not happy about them, but not surprised. The worst thing is the loss of Chris Cox, because he was one guy who seemed to really ” get” it. And he will be a big loss for the NRA and will be hard to replace.
    The NRA needs to reorganize, first, with a much smaller board, and with closer tabs on it’s budget. And of course, nearly everyone agrees that Wayne LaPierre should be gone, as quickly as they can find an uber to drive him down the road. He is not the worst problem of the NRA, but he is certainly a huge symbol of it. I will not be leaving the NRA. The reason I rejoined was to stand shoulder to shoulder with other gun owners, trying to improve our gun rights. And no matter if the leadership is making mistakes, I cannot fix it from the outside. I am also a member of GOA, which I will continue, as they are always doing good work.
    In Michigan, in last years election, John James, a brilliant former military pilot, and businessman, ran against Debbie Stabenow for the Senate, and lost in a closer race than expected. He is running again against Gary Peters. I am supporting him, as well. Our state needs at least one Senator who will support our conservative freedoms, including gun rights, and anti abortion platform.

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