How much you wanna bet they were ‘immigrants’?

BERLIN — German authorities have charged three men with an attempted home invasion of a U.S. Army employee’s residence that was foiled by the American.

Zweibruecken prosecutors said Thursday that the three men, whose names weren’t released, were part of a group of four who attempted to force their way into the Landstuhl home in February.

They say the 41-year-old American fought off three robbers and forced them back outside, but a fourth pushed past him, ran upstairs to where his wife and three children were and attacked his wife.

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19 Responses to How much you wanna bet they were ‘immigrants’?

  1. Roger says:

    The fourth one received a taxpayer relief ‘slice’!

  2. Bobo the Hobo says:

    How much you wanna bet they had a sexual emergency. Too bad Americans cannot have weapons overseas to deal with those “civilized” Europeans

    • Robert the Biker says:

      Too bad WE cant have weapons to deal with these monkey-faced invaders (no names or pictures is a sure guarantee that they were muslims or similar shit), Americans seem to think that “we” decided to let these scum in, we weren’t asked or allowed to complain or mention their stone age third world habits. If you don’t believe that, look up Tommy Robinson.

    • Zot says:

      Odds are that they were not German or Europeans at all.

  3. Scott Doe says:

    Those “feel good stories” always make my day

    • Kapt Kaos says:

      Exactly. Low IQ goat humpers fucked around and found out. Too bad Americans can’t pack heaters over there because you’d be reading a story about 4 dead cultural enrichers who got ventilated on a mans doorstep.

  4. Cavguy says:

    22lr BOTH

  5. Dwan Seicheine says:

    Three charged but there were four? WTF?

    • Max Damage says:

      The fourth one died at a hospital from the wounds inflicted by the wife with a knife.

      Allahu Ackbar.

  6. Exile1981 says:

    Read the story down from that one on the link. Its a teen who shot a german tourrist.
    The moreley reserve is a heaven for crime and gangs. I’m going to bet it was a gang initiation.

  7. Weso Phuct says:

    Muhamed, Mohamed, Mahamed, and Bob

  8. Plankton67 says:

    I’d bet $$$ that the choice of target was not random. Oh well, part and parcel.

  9. Roland says:

    Well… That was in the City Landstuhl. The prosecutor of zweibrücken charged the remaining three guys for attempted robbery and failure to proved assistance.
    It were three germans and one French guy. The father stabbed the one of them two times and then they ran. The stabbed guy died on the street in krickenbach after about one hour… Emergency just could attest death when they arrived. The Frenchy was caught after three months. Very interesting is now that they wanted to drop the charges against the family father because of bodily injury with death consequences aaaaaand….. Guess what…. The lawyer of the three guys made a complaint about it!!!!!!!The general prosecutor has now to decide about it…….what is there to decide? Nothing. He defend himself and his family!!!!!!free of everything in my eyes.

    Sometimes I hate germany and their laws. A guy breaks in his home… Threaten his life and that of his family… There Were four guys…. And in the process of defending his life and that of his family against four guys… He kill one…. And might get charged? Honestly?that’s his home!!!!!!

    • Wirecutter says:

      Here in most states we have the Castle Doctrine which guarantees us our Right to defend ourselves with deadly force in our own home. Not only that, but in Tennessee, my home State, that also extends to our vehicles.

      • Roland says:

        I totally support that. Yes.. Germany is good at many things. But the pampering of criminals is beyond my understanding of what is right.

    • Mike_C says:

      “It were three germans and one French guy.”

      All the news sources I checked (about 10) were very careful to note that the perps had German citizenship and/or a French passport. One’s passport and one’s ethnicity are not necessarily congruent. In this case, I’m going with some variation of Weso’s interpretation. After all, if I moved to Sweden and became a citizen, I might have a Swedish passport, but I’d never be ethnically Swedish.

      Of course, me moving to Sweden is not a possibility. I like having 3600+ miles between me and inte min älskling. Pretty sure she feels the same way. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Heh.

  10. nonncom says:

    Down here in crazy ol’ Florida, he coulda’ shot all of them and woulda’ been good….just remember, if they fall out the door, drag their ass back in…./s

  11. Stretch says:

    “the three men, whose names weren’t released,” is the only clue you need.

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