If my kid did that…

He’d get one of those cans every night for dinner until they were gone.
You wanna play games? I can play games too.

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35 Responses to If my kid did that…

  1. Cavguy says:

    Let the games begin. Yep one can a meal

    • John Thomas says:

      My first thought too: “Well, kiddo, tonight your mystery dinner will be this can”….

  2. FaCubeItches says:

    Still…pretty good revenge for a kid.

  3. guy says:

    “He’d get one of those cans every night for dinner until they were gone.” – Hopefully some of those are dog food too.

    If I had done that my punishment would have been eating soup for a good long time while I found all my teeth.

  4. Max Damage says:

    Cool. Now, let’s open a can and see what you’re eating for dinner.

  5. h says:

    I cannot even begin to imagine what my parents would have done to me. But that kid didn’t get that sorry-assed attitude in a vacuum, his parents trained him to think he could get away with that little stunt. I was trained to know better, THANK GOD!.

    • Rick F says:

      You’re exactly right, On my best spiteful day I would’ve never thought of that.. that kid has way to much..

    • Butch says:

      H, you are dead wrong. “It’s” parents didn’t train that animal to act like that. Chances are the parents took their role as “friends” and let the schools do their commie magic on those little heads full of mush. And what the schools missed, big tech and video games filled in.

      The parents most likely put a game device in the puke’s hand early on because that is the cheapest babysitter in the world. The parent deserves everything the kid will dish out.
      If that was my kid I would hold his head under water for 15 minutes.

      The young children today can’t read a book. They cannot write worth a shit. They have no desire to learn any math. NOTHING is their fault. And everything an adult does, says or thinks is worthless.

      And the boys are ten times worse than the girls. Why? Because the feminists have written some of the agenda for the commie schools and “Toxic Masculinity” must be eradicated. The schools diets feed the boys plenty of estrogen, which messes them up in many ways. And then they are taught over and over they must act like wusses.

      Me and Grandma have had a 12 year old boy in the fish bowl for almost six weeks now. He is going back home this weekend! HOORAY!!!

      And that kid fits every detail I described above.

      I just read all the comments below this one and almost everyone was saying how their kid would be punished. Uh, forget that. Their little angle will turn them into the CPS, maybe then punish the parent(s), and put the kid in a foster home.I really doubt any of these kids will be “normalized” during their lifetimes. They are and will continue to be worthless their whole like. They will vote for the commie politician and might even call the FBI and turn you in over the “red-light-law” (that’s the one where the SWAT comes to your house and tears it apart to take all your guns, right?)

      The kids are taught to do that sort of traitor shit to their parents.

      Hold their head under water 15 minutes. Oops! Rip Tide got em.

  6. john biglin says:

    I’d have that little prick begging for cat food before I was done with him/her!

  7. Padawan says:

    If my kid did that he wouldn’t see the light of day until he’s well into his 30’s.

  8. Exile1981 says:

    Mine know better.

  9. SDH says:

    I can’t imagine one of my kids ever doing something like that, but if they did I’d nail their iPhone to a post in the barn.

  10. arc says:

    I don’t have kids but if I did, I’m sure sure if I would be annoyed, or impressed. I know I’m getting old if I find myself sometimes wanting kids. . .

    • FaCubeItches says:

      “I know I’m getting old if I find myself sometimes wanting kids. . .”

      Right there with ya, pal.
      – Jeffrey Epstein

  11. ZombieDawg says:

    Cat food – now there’s an idea!
    A couple of cans of Kitecat minus labels added to the pile. Oh yeah…it’s gunna be hilarious…

  12. JC says:

    There on the far right. is that COFFEE GROUNDS? That’s a big NO, lone ranger. Imagine that kid hopped up on that much coffee!

  13. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    I knew a young man (his parents I knew/know much better) around here who had a terrible problem with meth. He was in his late teens/early twenties when he peaked. He’d get zipped up and “be mean” to his mother when his daddy wasn’t nearby. His daddy finally found out and told the boy if he wanted to act like a dog, he’d treat him like one. He drug the young man out to a shed behind their house and put one end of chain around the young man’s neck and the other around a support post. The shed had a dirt floor and and the boy had quilt to keep him warm. That was it. For the next three weeks he’d bring the boy bread and water and bucket to shit in and that was it. It was about that time the boy detoxed and had a change of heart. He straightened up, apologized, and flew right for about year. Then his good time buddies started coming back around and the young man ended up overdosing on prescription pain meds. Hid daddy found him sitting upright on the edge of his bed fully dressed and wearing a ball cap. This young man wasn’t some skinny nerd type kid. He was a bout 6′-2″ and probably close to 220 lbs. and had worked in the log woods a lot of his life. As cruel as it might seem to some, I always had a lot of respect for the daddy for trying to save his son. The boy had a twin brother who was headed down the same path, but got straight and is now a good and productive man. I believe the actions of his daddy saved this young man’s life.

    • brighteyes says:

      Quite a story and I’m with ya. Maybe the man saved one son eh?

    • censusdesignatedplace says:

      It’s very difficult to save someone from themselves. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. As parents we have to give it all we got.

  14. brighteyes says:

    No way would I have done that as a kid nor would my kid have ever pull a stunt like that. That would a been a good ass beatin, sent to bed and woke up for another ass beatin. Never had to do that with my kid but my father sure did to me.

  15. nines says:

    There are too many of these spiteful little wimps who are full grown… mostly for lack of fathers who’d make them eat their work.

  16. Travis says:

    I’d have killed mine, I have two

  17. Don says:

    Yep. Join in the fun and peel the labels off of a few cans of dog food just for good measure…mix with the others…

  18. Judy says:

    I’m not sure my backside would have made it through a stunt like that. Every time Mom opened a another can she would have nabbed me up and whaled my backside, again.

  19. Roland says:

    Easy.. Spank his/hers ass. Ground them for longer. Give them the stuff inside for dinner.

  20. Curtis says:

    Reminded me well of the scene in Firefly when River did that and the Rev was making mystery dinner. Good times. I’d spank the ass of any kid of mine who did it.

  21. Spin Drift says:

    We had no video games, consoles or computer games other than chess and Civilization (thinking games). No toy guns as we had real guns and the rule was every gun was treated as real, loaded and safety off. My relatives thought we were to harsh on her but their kid is a raging feminazis liberal lesbian while mine is a Summa grad in engineering and discrete math. One will live in her parents basement and have cats, one will invent stuff and make a fortune. Relatives are Atty and Pediatrician. Bad kid raising skills but super smart (Sesame Street level).

  22. Jeff C. in NC says:

    I would switch all or most of the cans out with “canned spinach!!” Then play the here’s what you get for dinner game

  23. ron says:

    my cousins kid did that. she allowed him to pick which can was going to be his supper until they were used up.
    he did not leave the table until plate was cleaned.

  24. Sanders says:

    I was blessed with good kids. Actually, it was a lot of work, but I’m thankful every day they turned out as good as they did. One has an MS in Biology and works in Veterinarian clinic, another is an officer in the Navy, and the youngest is an EMT, working on her Paramedic paid for by the company she works for.

    Can’t say they never got in trouble, but that’s part of being a kid. I know I gave my parents far more headaches than my kids ever gave me.

  25. Bacon says:

    Leaving aside the issues of behavior and punishment that everyone else is talking about, practically speaking I don’t see much of a logistical problem here.

    After all, that’s only about 20 cans, most are different sizes and shapes, and the labels are still legible. I bet I could accurately match almost all of those cans to those shredded labels and retape them back on neatly in under five minutes. Plus, with refrigeration and tupperware, any mistakes don’t necessarily need to be eaten on the day the can is opened.

    So no, that’s not much of a mess. When it’s an entire truckload of food, and all of the labels are washed away, and there’s no chance of resupply for months, then THAT is a mess:

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