Just another homeless Vet

In 1991, Air Force veteran Jim Boerner suffered “spinal and brain injuries” during a training exercise at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. Until recently, he had been the proud owner of a mobile home in a Mesa, Arizona mobile home community. He “loves his neighbors” there and “brings flowers to widowed neighbors on Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day,” Rebekah L. Sanders of the Arizona Republic writes.

He had purchased the home, his “nest egg,” as he refers to it, for a sum somewhere just north of $30K, according to the article.

Now, at age 49, he is on the verge of being evicted by the new owner of that mobile home, which was seized by the government for Boerner’s having been delinquent on his taxes — to the tune of an unpaid amount of $236. The home’s buyer, named Lester Payne, purchased the home at auction for the trifling sum of $4,400.

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15 Responses to Just another homeless Vet

  1. badbilly says:

    The bad guys find a foot soldier to play a stooge to steal something they want and the good guy gets boned.
    Anyone see a pattern here?

  2. I could not finish reading it, I just got madder and madder. This makes me feel sick.

    How can anyone live with themselves after doing something like this to any human being? Let alone a disabled Vet?

    • FaCubeItches says:

      “How can anyone live with themselves after doing something like this to any human being? Let alone a disabled Vet?”

      Hi, have we met?
      – The Milgram Experiment

  3. Daz says:

    Seems to be a lot of court house steps auctions , here in TX they have happened in three counties I know of, between them they held one in the last ten years , Pattern here ? Counties running out of money in a bad economy ?

    • crazyeighter says:

      Too bad the Homestead Law protects you from creditors, but not from the government. OTOH, if it didn’t nobody would pay property tax.

    • SgtBob says:

      Mr. Daz:In Texas, courthouse-step auction notices are posted at the county courthouse of each county. Possibly, posting is also required in the county’s newspaper of record classified section. I have read many auction notices at courthouses, but have not witnessed an auction on the courthouse steps. Sales are the first Tuesday of every month at 10 a.m. Those auctions are for delinquent property taxes. The sales are regulated in Texas land laws.

  4. Rdawg says:

    There’s a go fund me page for this guy, if you wish to help him out financially.

  5. Allen says:

    Property taxes are just rent you pay to the government.

  6. Dan says:

    Needs more killdozer……

  7. singlestack says:

    Lester Payne needs to be the guest of honor at a blanket party.

  8. Sanders says:

    Without Alloidal title to your property, you never really own it. You only rent it from the government.

  9. RTinWeimar says:

    There was a “Lester Payne” that bought up useless slivers of property from the guberment in our neck of the woods for pennies. Some of these slivers were merely 4 to 5 foot wide. Nonetheless it gave him the so-called right to block public access to small family businesses and literally hold their livelihood at legal ransom. Pay him off or pay to litigate.
    People like Lester Payne will eventually find the need to explore uncharted mineshafts.

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