Kids, don’t try this at home

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18 Responses to Kids, don’t try this at home

  1. Steamship Trooper says:

    Reptile! It’s what’s for dinner!

  2. Maggat says:

    I’ll pass thanks.

  3. Paul B says:

    Pretty cool. Not that I would try that

  4. Shades of Crocodile Dundee. Plus what Paul B said.
    Now what is he going to do with it? Releasing it is going to be at least as dangerous as catching it.

  5. B_Rad says:

    Screw that. I would have started off with melting the barrel on my G19 and finished up by running away screaming like a little girl. I HATE snakes.

  6. Skip says:

    Bigger ones that I got.

  7. Phil B says:

    That is a BIG snake with a LOT of venom in one bite. I foresee a Darwin Award in his (near) future.

    Unless, of course, it was his lunch?

  8. whynot says:

    ummmmm, NO!

  9. On The Beach says:

    Cobras are slow. They don’t strike forward like a rattlesnake, they just fall forward.

  10. John Thomas says:

    That’s a big nope-rope.

  11. RonM says:

    Sure, I could see myself doing that — in an alternate universe where I was born insane.

  12. J- says:

    12 gauge with a turkey load.

  13. pigpen51 says:

    No. Just no.

  14. loaded4bear says:

    How do you say ‘ hold my beer ‘ in Tagalog?

  15. They should do the reddit running butthole challenge with that snake.

  16. miforest says:

    nothing but respect for this man.

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