Military Advisors in Vietnam

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3 Responses to Military Advisors in Vietnam

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    More proof all the grunts performed magnificently. As usual the self-serving asshole politicians like LBJ and McNamara just like today’s useless political turds threw America’s best to the wolves.

  2. bwayne says:

    I never did find out why we were in Viet nam. The domino theory was an obvious lie, proved when we pulled out

    • Rick says:

      When you’re not in it to win it, there must be another reason. And there is! Lots of folks got very rich by the means Dwight D. warned of. Too, consider this; instead of repetitive subjection to that pesky legislative gamble of begging for research dollars, why not just hold a war and write your funding requests right into the military budget. Wow, how very brilliant!

      Wait, there’s more; with your new funding – which wildly exceeds the dollar amount you requested – you are provided with your very own actual testing field. Test subjects, logistical support, lodging, transportation, all inclusive.

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