Monday gifdump

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  1. JamesD says:

    The guitar paint job was very cool – suppose no 2 are ever alike.

    • Sedition says:

      I tried that swirl job on my 7 string build, but the friggin paint was too stiff.
      I did a different technique of putting puddles of paint on the body, covering it with clear plastic and rolling over it with a dough roller. Looks cool as hell and it’s another one of a kind paint job…can really never be exactly duplicated.

  2. Rayvet says:

    Remember Gamera (fighting Rodan and Godzilla)? That first picture looked like the cheesy images of the turtle flying/landing. Makes me wonder if they didn’t us a clip like this one as part of the movie footage.

  3. A Texan says:

    Damn, the ref is in great shape – probably better than most of those playing.

    Lesson for the youngins: never underestimate the strength of an older person. Endurance, yes, but not their strength.

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    The turtle one is what happens when I do a chick doggystyle now. After my bike wreck, my right femur is an inch shorter, so I topple over. It’s somewhat amusing, but inconvenient.

  5. CM says:

    The first one with the turtles is like one of those, “I’ve been that drunk before”

  6. SgtBob says:

    Railroad hit: Should have been a brakeman flagging traffic. One of those places that cut train crews?

    • Jerry says:

      Given the defined nature of trains, I still maintain You look pretty stupid getting hit by one. Not like poles that just jump out in front of you.
      And Yes, I was (hit by a train), but I was also young and stupid at 14.

  7. pigpen51 says:

    The last one, with the young girl sticking her hair into the snowbank, yeah, reminds me of my youth. I would get out of wrestling practice, grab a shower, and walk home from school, and by the time I made it home, only about a mile, my hair would be frozen solid. Wrestling in Michigan is a winter sport. Football is a fall sport, and basketball and wrestling were in the winter, with track and baseball in the spring. We used to be able to do both track and baseball until my senior year, when they made us choose just one. I choose baseball, because I hated to run, but I loved baseball. I notice that my twin brother’s old baseball coach, Phil Regan, who coached at Grand Valley University, back in the late 70’s, is now back in the major leagues, as a pitching coach for the Mets. He was at one time a manager for San Diego, I think it was. I met him a couple of times at training seminars for baseball. He is a former pitcher in the big leagues. And a nice man. I also met Freddie Patek, a 2nd baseman for the Kansas City Royals, at a seminar. I shook his hand, and I was 6 foot nothing tall, and he was barely 5 foot 6 inches. He was a tiny guy, but I saw him hit home runs on television like the biggest guys out there. Those kinds of seminars were really fun, for a high school player, to meet the big league players. I never met one of them back then who was a bad guy.
    I went to a football camp for 2 days once, and it was run by a couple of ex college guys, and I can’t remember who they were, but they were huge. The only thing that I really remember learning from them was when blocking, grab hold of the other guys shoulder pads in the front, on his chest, where the ref will never see it, and you will beat him every time. I never had to use it, as everyone I played against, I was always faster and stronger than, but I taught it to some of the younger guys.

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