Now that’s fresh food

The terrifying moment when a piece of raw chicken appears to come back to life on a restaurant table has been caught on video.

Footage shows a plate of raw meat on a restaurant table, including a piece of chicken that begins to twitch.

After hoisting itself upward, the carcass yanks itself off the diner’s plate as a terrified onlooker can be heard screaming.

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10 Responses to Now that’s fresh food

  1. Bear says:

    At least it’s crawling because it’s fresh.

  2. Lilyrat says:

    No video, just a related video with muscles.

    • wes says:

      I’ve noticed the same thing with a lot of links and stories, the videos don’t show up and it was true of this story and video link. I’ve found that (with firefox at least) restarting the browser in safe mode with all add-ons disabled the videos will then display.


  3. BigSlurpy says:

    Probably some PETA trickery.

  4. john biglin says:

    Who in their right mind eats raw chicken, I guess snake is off the menu as well?

  5. Trib says:

    Laughing I believed you enough that I would get to see raw chicken get up and lay an egg.

  6. SgtBob says:

    Is raw chicken called chusi?

  7. TRF says:

    You know it’s a bad restaurant when even the food gets up an leaves!

  8. LargeMarge says:

    It hit the floor, so the five-second rule applies.

    If you have to chase it, invoke the rarely-invoked ten-second rule.

    I know I would.

  9. Johno says:

    Our prehistory ancestors learnt thousands of years ago that cooked meat is both safer and tastes and stores better. Now we have trendy idiots consuming raw meat, where do these concepts come from and who promotes them?
    Oh, but sushi/sashimi is so Asian-cool! There is a good reason that Japan and Korea have call for medical specialists in treating marine organism parasites in humans. I womder how far behind them California is in such expertise?

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