Okay, this is pretty badass

ROME was not built in a day and the ‘most accurate’ model of Ancient Rome is testament to this as it took archaeologist Italo Gismondi 35 years to build.

The Plastico di Roma imperiale (model of imperial Rome) was actually commissioned by Mussolini in 1933 and is so realistic that a few shots of it were used in the film Gladiator.

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2 Responses to Okay, this is pretty badass

  1. Fred Z says:

    I’ve seen the model and while it is fascinating, the video makes it look better than it is.

    All of Rome is fascinating. I spent 3 weeks there, had a great time, but only scratched the surface.

  2. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Lived in Italy 9.5 years and ran down to Rome a couple of times when family visited. Rome is like New York City; you can live their your entire life and never see all of it – it’s an amazing experience (but I’ll take Tuscan food over Rome’s any day of the week)

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