Packing a lunch

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8 Responses to Packing a lunch

  1. Jeremy says:

    Looks like breakfast.

  2. Sanders says:

    Feller hasn’t missed too many lunches, that’s pretty obvious.

  3. Klaus says:

    19 holes?

  4. WoodBurner says:

    Is that a 7 wood?

    Used to be my go to club.

  5. rolldog says:

    It’s his turn to bring breakfast to the shop.

  6. grayman says:

    I think he needs to lay off the bagels and more.

  7. Butch says:

    Yuuk! Bagels! Like cardboard do-nuts

  8. Bacon says:

    I wouldn’t eat them after exposure to public transit, especially not the lower ones.

    But in my youth I did a stint as a bicycle courier and that’s how I carried my lunch, day-old bagels strung on a rope necklace, so I could eat while I rode.

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