Parking spot hog

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  1. Sapper says:

    The aircraft cannot be parked off of Boeing property. If they are then they are considered “used”. They are still turning out over one a day.

  2. 9Booger says:

    Boeing has to fix so many 737 MAX planes from trying to cut corners, they ran out of space

  3. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    That’s one of the impounded 737 Max planes. They’ve run out of places to park ’em!

  4. Flugelman says:

    Parked 737 Max

  5. Matt says:

    Boeing has run out of spaces to park the undeliverable B-737 Max aircraft and the overflow is starting to go into their employee parking lot, as above.

  6. WoodBurner says:

    Should’a backed’em in.

  7. Retired cop says:

    I note that Boeing had to use those department store sidewalk theft detectors. See the red alarm with black connector lines running to the planes. Why not take the meets out and use a steering wheel lock?

    • Matt says:

      That’s a ventilation system that supplying air to the engines, for some reason.

  8. Lamont Cranston says:

    There are 30+ parked at the Charleston (SC) airport alone at thier facility. Outside of the Seattle/Tacoma area, Chas has the most Boeing employees in the US.

  9. JC says:

    This has turned into a serious shit-show for Southwest Airlines. They run 737’s exclusively and was counting on the Max-8 to upgrade and expand their fleet and to start the Hawaii route.

    They are running the wheels off their in service planes to cover this debacle. And a dumbass gate crew in Nashville just ran 2 of them into each other.

  10. Rick says:

    In June I flew a -800 to Hawai’i.

  11. Nemo says:

    Brought to you by Boeing’s use of H1-B visa programmers from India to save a couple dollars coding costs.

  12. Ray says:

    Boeing is waiting for a bailout. They know that what is wrong with the MAX-8 cannot be fixed without bankrupting Boeing. The problem is actually built into the Chinese made computer components. The aircraft cannot be flown without the computer and it will cost more than the airframes are worth to replace all the avionics in every aircraft. Score one for China knocking out the worlds largest weapons maker without firing a shot. AND: The F-35 “white elephant” shares many of the fly by wire avionics with the MAX-8…But that’s a SNEEKRET! So don’t tell. I wonder if that’s why they are so good that the Japanese started stripping the radars and fire control out of them?(the F-35) Only time will tell. But I won’t fly in any of them.

  13. 4852 Corpsman says:

    I would imagine the person who sent this out is an avid conspiracy theorist.

    The flight control computers are actually assembled in Mexico (Mexicali, which is essentially a US suburb) by the company formally known as Rockwell Collins, or Collins Radio, or Collins Aerospace. They have been absorbed by United Technologies so I don’t know what they call themselves as I get my retirement check from Prudential. The plant is owned by Collins and the locals working there are Collins employees.

    But I digress…. Assembly is tightly controlled by the company with on-site Iowa corn-fed engineers watching every detail. The computers were designed and the prototypes tested in Cedar Rapids, home of Collins. There are likely “Chinese made” components but these are simple circuit stuff, like resistors, capacitors, transformers and maybe a few connectors. Hiding “intelligence gathering circuits” in this stuff is “prit near” impossible.

    The test software used to test the flight controls software is developed per Collins specifications by a company in India, who also does verification of parts of the flight operational software. The Indian-verified software is “dumb software,” i.e. no logic, or it is Level C logic. Usually look-up tables or lo-level maintenance reporting software. The actual flight controls software is developed and tested by Iowa corn-fed Americans.

    As far as the F-35 sharing flight controls with the MAX, that’s just plain not true. What may be true is some circuit designs or some control laws (software) or even some integrated circuits are shared, but this is common throughout the industry. Your laptop has stuff in it that also sits in the guidance section of air defense missiles. Your cell phone has ICs that control your local power plant.

    Other crucial avionics devices used in all Boeing airplanes are made by various companies using similar means.

    Finally, fixing the software will not bankrupt Boeing. Boeing has way too many sources of income for that to happen. MAX is only one small teaspoon in the gallon of profit. Maybe a tablespoon.

    As far as the Japanese “stripping the radars etc” from the F-35, again, this is from a misunderstanding. The US sells the F-35 abroad, but NOT with the tippy top secret weapons systems developed for the airplane. Export versions get pretty much the equivalent of iron sights on a rifle. Not quite that dumb, but basically 20 year old technology. The U.S. has always done that. The F-14 Tomcats that Iran bought did not have the Phoenix missile system. It could fire Sidewinders and the 20 mm Gatling, but thats it. So, the Japanese F-35 do indeed have the radars and fire control “stripped” out, if you define stripped as “never been installed in the first place.”

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