Quitting in style

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I believe that’s the very cake DeWayne Craddock a disgruntled city employee had delivered before he opened fire inside a municipal building on June 1st in Virginia Beach, killing 12 and wounding four others.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT this brought back memories. My dad was working at
    a manufacturing company and air compressor distribotor in Los Angeles.
    As field service dudes, he and I got a lot of goodies as thanks for our service.

    My best haul was a heat treating comany that did work for Starrett. I nearly
    came in my pants! A 4 piece machinist square, drill gauges, pocket scales
    and the beat goes on.

    Daddy went to some company that manufactured dick shaped motion lotion
    containers filled with all kids of creams.

    Imagine a boss walking into his office and seeing a 12 inch dildo sitting atop
    a resignignation letter with the words, “Here is a big cock gore a big cock
    sucker, I quit!”

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