Right on, The Swamp is flooding

It’s an extremely rainy Monday in Washington D.C., and commuters are reporting that the water levels have gotten so intense that multiple stops on the Metro rail are getting flooded at an alarming rate.

The National Weather Service declared a flash flood alert earlier today for the capital and the surrounding areas of Arlington and Alexandria in Virginia.

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6 Responses to Right on, The Swamp is flooding

  1. Miles Long says:

    40 days & 40 nights?

  2. OD says:

    no worries … turds float

  3. wayne says:

    He’ll NEVER drain the swamp at this rate!

  4. irontomflint says:

    Let them just float along in them pork barrels we hear so much of!

  5. Exile1981 says:

    The rats will always be the 1st to flee a flood. The roaches just drown.

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