Robert Widenmann

Robert A. Widenmann (January 24, 1852 – April 13, 1930) was a Deputy United States Marshal and associate of Billy the Kid during the Lincoln County War.

Widenmann was born January 24, 1852, to German-born parents in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Widenmann’s father was the Bavarian Consul in Ann Arbor. As a teen-ager, Widenmann was sent back to the family’s native Germany for his schooling. He lived there for several years with a grandfather.

Returning to America in 1871, Widenmann settled in New York City, where he remained for two years before drifitng west, finally arriving in Lincoln in mid-February 1877. In New Mexico, he would be appointed Deputy Marshal by U.S. Marshal for New Mexico Territory John Sherman Jr.

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  1. Larry says:

    Looks like his head was flattened with a shovel.

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