So much for the Separation of Church and State the liberals are always screaming about

With “Pride Month” coming to an end, California is pushing a resolution that seeks to control the language churches use surrounding the LGBTQ community. ACR 99 would encourage “counselors, Pastors, religious workers, educators, and institutions to stop labeling homosexuality and transgenderism a ‘sin’ saying it’s ‘harmful’ and ‘unethical.’”

Opponents to the resolution are citing First Amendment freedom of religion violations, with others – like California Pastor Shane Idleman – protesting the state’s mandatory interpretation of the Bible and God’s Word.

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31 Responses to So much for the Separation of Church and State the liberals are always screaming about

  1. Kapt Kaos says:

    I absolutely expect the same horseshit and day now from The Peoples Republic of Washington State as well.

  2. Richard Cranium says:


  3. Steven Wright says:

    Count it joy to be counted worthy of persecution for the name of Jesus Christ. We experience basicly nothing here, yet. It will continue to get worse. Oddly enough the mire the true Church is persecuted the deeper and stronger the faithful are.
    Most churches are actually social clubs with Christian principles.
    If you know the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and use a bit of discernment the true Church can be found.

    On that note Kenny, I want to invite you to church. Shady Grove General Baptist in Scottsville we start at 10 over between 1230 and 1 unless it goes longer.
    And just in case Antifa or some other moonbat feels like a dox or showing up acting a fool, there are enough concealed carry holders that we will pray for your soul while you cool. That will happen out of a abundance of Love for our children and families not hate.

  4. brighteyes says:

    Men dressed like female whores, women wearing cunts on their heads. Yes, I really care what these people say, think or want.

    • FaCubeItches says:

      You may not be interested in them, but they are very interested in you. VERY interested.

  5. Cederq says:

    It’s fucking getting closer…

  6. Justin Stace says:

    The Holy and August Scriptures clearly state “homosexual behavior is a sin.”
    Come get me.
    Only “I” didn’t say it. Nor does any preacher. It was spoken by the Holy Ghost through the prophet Moses and St. Paul. So go arrest them. Please. I’d really enjoy watching that SWAT raid.

    • Eric Rebus says:

      The Holy and August Scriptures also say not to have tattoos, wear clothes made of mixed fabrics, eat shrimp or pick up sticks on the Sabbath.
      I guess the vast majority of Christians are going to Hell with the Queers.

      • Robert the Biker says:

        Oh, seriously? Try reading some history before you come up with this inane bullshit yet again. It was held by the Church that ” the civil laws of the Jews have no bearing on the Christian man”, so there is Leviticus gone. If you want to look it up, it’s the history that ends up with the 39 Articles of the Anglican church.

        • crazyeighter says:

          Leviticus 20:13 is Old Testament, right? (Along with all three versions of the Tend Commandments)

          • Robert the Biker says:

            Indeed, as is Genesis, Exodus etc., but Leviticus is the Civil practices, mixed materials, no eating shellfish, no pork, stuff like that, stuff Orthodox Jews generally follow today. It was held, starting I think with the Council of Nicosia (sp?) and continuing through the Articles that the purely civil and cultural rules of a nomadic desert people didn’t really make a lot of sense if you were living in Paris or Rome! Also, we had all these pigs! Basically, (ask a Rabbi or an actually knowledgeable minister), The Law of the OT was a Covenant between God and Israel, there weren’t any Christians around when that was signed, so we get to have bacon sandwiches!

            • crazyeighter says:

              Any religion that outlaws bacon cheeseburgers is a non-starter for me.

              • Robert the Biker says:

                “Any religion that outlaws bacon cheeseburgers is a non-starter for me.”
                That is damned straight!

        • Eric Rebus says:

          I’m glad we agree that it’s all a load of inane bullshit…….

  7. Rick says:

    This is a test case. The state will not play their hand until how this comports with the Constitution (constitutionality) is decided, or even if the court agrees to decide the case. In this era of the Roberts’ court, who knows which will happen or how they may decide.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the state has already determined it’s next move. Then there is the CA state law which is already on the books which makes it unlawful to ‘counsel’ or seek treatment away from that deviant lifestyle. This isn’t over, it’s only the beginning.

  8. Rick says:

    BTW: the state does not ‘encourage’. The law is either/or; one is within the law or they are outside the law. ‘Encouragement’ is merely wishy washy and would allow the individual to decide for themself. That is not how law works.

    I keep saying ‘law’ whereas this is a Resolution. That is because the Resolution is only the opening shot, a testing of the waters so to speak. This is a gathering of the troops, co-sponsors, et al. They are starting now in order to get something big done timed with the 2020 elections.

  9. Cavguy says:

    My standard solution/answer to the deviants, monkeys and moonbatmuslims.


  10. Allen says:

    This won’t be enforced against imams.

  11. churchladyiowa says:

    Eight years ago, my son-in-law (a Missouri Synod Lutheran Pastor) was networking with some Canadian Lutherans. One of their pastors told him that in Canada it’s considered a hate crime if he were to preach against homosexuality from the pulpit. One of this man’s Canadian parishoners went to a meeting in a downtown city hall wearing a tee-shirt with a cross on it. Fifteen minutes into the meeting, said woman in cross tee-shirt was called out into the lobby. “We don’t want to see you wearing anything like this again,” she was told. “You can go back in today wearing it, but don’t ever let it happen again.”

    • crazyeighter says:

      Said Lady should not have gone back in at all.

      “We don’t want to see you wearing anything like this again,” she was told.

      Can Do Easy…

    • Bacon says:

      Her first mistake was going out to the lobby. Let them say it to her in public.
      (I’ve made that mistake a few times and each time compliance has cost me.)

      Barring that, once out in the lobby, I think the proper response is “Sorry, I can’t hear what you’re saying, you’ll need to write it down for me.”

  12. NITZAKHON says:

    My synagogue’s school has a “Hate has no home here” sign and is LBGTQ-alphabet soup accepting. Dammit.

    When my wife and I first joined we had a kick-ass Rabbi. A staunch (religiously) Conservative. He was pushed out by the touchy-feely board. The guy we have now is not a bad man but he’s definitely a SJW. :( I’d like to go to the local Chabad (Orthodox) but my wife is slowly moving towards conversion and I don’t want to turn her off. (A Muslim converting to Judaism – this is a good thing!)

    We’ve already discussed, after she converts, going to the Chabad to see if it’s a place to switch to.

    • Bacon says:

      Sounds like you’re in a very difficult situation, Nitzakhon. But it also sounds like you’re making a serious mistake in thinking that she will “convert” through a liberal place, and then somehow be willing to “switch” to orthodox after that. (As I understand it, the orthodox won’t recognize a liberal conversion anyway.) Either she’s willing to convert orthodox or she isn’t, so you might as well let her get a taste of it now, to find out and save yourself some unnecessary heartache down the road.

      Also, your parenthetical statement about a muslim converting to Judaism makes me think that you haven’t thought through all of the potential implications yet. You should strongly consider discussing this in detail with an orthodox rabbi who oversees conversions before you proceed any further. I’ve heard several horror stories about exactly this type of conversion situation. (Aside from other issues, you do realize that you’re putting her life in danger, don’t you?)

  13. TC says:

    It was never about separation of church and state but rather separation of Christianity and state.

  14. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I’ll say whatever I want, in church or not, because this is America and we have freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment!
    They’re a pack of fudgepackers and this “pride month” shit needs to stop. WTF are they “proud” of, being perverts and queers?

  15. FaCubeItches says:

    “I’ll say whatever I want, in church or not, because this is America and we have freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment!”

    You have the right to free speech, as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it. Know your rights – these are your rights!
    – The Clash

    • Eric Rebus says:

      Rights are balanced with responsibilities.
      Your ‘right’ to scream ‘Fire’ in a crowded theatre must be weighed up against the consequences of such an act.
      Inciting violence against other law abiding citizens, by whatever means, is a complete misunderstanding of the concept of free speech; doing so under the pretext of holy scriptures is a convenient cop out.

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