‘Take Your Wife To Work’ day in Russia

A guy took his woman to work. He happens to be a tank crewman. He tries his best to show his wife how to operate the tank, but it all ends up quickly and predictably.

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9 Responses to ‘Take Your Wife To Work’ day in Russia

  1. No says:

    Maybe that is the path to world peace…make the women loaders.

    Tank commander: Load!
    Woman: No (pouty look) I don’t want to.

  2. Andy says:

    Just like the time my wife wanted to learn how to shoot a pistol. We took out pistols ranging from .22 LR to .45 acp and I started her on the .22. One shot and I hear “I don’t like that, it’s too loud. I’m ready to go.” Really? Then go. Go to the truck cause I got ammo to burn. So she goes off to the truck fires up the a/c and pulls her ear plugs. I go the .45 and she freaks out. Some years later, she says she wants to learn how to shoot so she can get a LTC. I laugh and walk away.

  3. The Other Jack says:

    Comrade Tank Commander won’t be loading any ammo for a long time, if you catch my drift.

  4. Wolffman says:

    she is sorta cute…

  5. Andy: Sorry. My wife has her LTC, selected her own pistols (yeah, I know: “D’uh!”, but, still…), selected/purchased her own rifle, AND shoots better than me.

    Yeah, she’s a keeper.

  6. David Font says:

    One Christmas mumble, mumble years ago, my brother and his girlfriend visited me in Georgia. With no one around, I borrowed my M113 and we spent a couple hours joy riding on the trails. They both loved it. 11B1U

  7. the other other Andrew says:

    Too many brave comradettes would bitch-slap this weakling into the next Revolution.

    Bitch, your betters were firing Mosins and mortars, flying biplanes over Nazi positions at night, running howitzer and rocket artillery, and, yes, even fighting in a tank, supposedly (two political officers and their wives supposedly fought a KV during the retreat in ’41.

    Well, at least she wasn’t driving. Crazy Russkie woman drivers and tanks? NYET!

  8. Antibubba says:

    I don’t see this marriage lasting.

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