Tennessee man dies from flesh-eating bacteria after Destin trip

A Tennessee man died from a flesh-eating bacteria after a trip to Destin, Florida, according to his family.

Cheryl Wiygul said her father, William Bennett of Memphis, began feeling ill less than 12 hours after visiting the beach. Soon afterwards, a large black sore developed on his back and red bumps showed up on his arms and legs. Within 48 hours Bennett, who had previously been treated for cancer, was dead.
-Jeffery in Alabama


He should’ve stayed out of Florida. Self respecting Tennessee boys have no business down there anyways.

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17 Responses to Tennessee man dies from flesh-eating bacteria after Destin trip

  1. Bildo says:

    I’m not allowed back in that state.Too many ex-girlfriends there.

  2. john biglin says:

    Hey, I’m from Florida but I have better sense than to subject any open wound to ANY water (other than a shower), period! I did not get the chance to swim with my Grandkids because I had an open wound, it ain’t worth chancing.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Flesh eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis is to Ebola is what HIV is to AIDS. One is the precursor to the other.

  4. nonncom says:

    I agree….everybody stay the hell out of Florida….we’re all crazy down here, and there’s bacteria and viruses everywhere….in fact, every swingin’ dick and their family that moved here from other states need to pack up and get the hell out before something gets ahold of your ass….we have gators, pythons, poison snakes, bears, viruses, and crazy people….fair warning….

  5. brent says:

    When you’ve lived in TN a bit longer, youll understand that Memphis isn’t part of TN. Ask anyone in mid or east TN. If you’ve ever been there youll understand why.

    • Mad Jack says:

      He’s right. I’ve been there, done that, and the tee shirts are too expensive. Memphis is a great place to visit, and I enjoyed my time there, but Memphis isn’t like anything else in TN.

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Beware brent, the entire states going blue thanks to Liberal Yankee migrants.

  6. Nemo says:

    …and of course some are trying to blame the rise in flesh eating bacteria cases on glowbull warming. But it wouldn’t have anything to do with Big Sugar’s massive fertilizer run off from cane plantations polluting all of the water around both FL coasts would it?

  7. Doug says:

    After chemotherapy you are immuno-compromised. Bad move.

  8. FaCubeItches says:

    “Self respecting Tennessee boys have no business down there anyways.”

    SEC East football games notwithstanding….

  9. Gator says:

    He went swimming in a swamp. Not just the ocean. Swimming in a swamp with stagnant water is asking for trouble, even without an open wound. Another article mentions that he swam in a swampy area and I think a creek too, not just the ocean.

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