The problem with the “When SHTF” Mentality

This is something I keep seeing all over the community or even during conversations with other like-minded people.

“When SHTF” I’ll do this or that.
“What gun are you planning on carrying … when SHTF?”
“When SHTF, I’ll go to my ranch/homestead/bunker/friend’s house”
These are precisely the people that end up not being ready when it counts because they keep waiting for some kind of invitation, email or notification so as to official know that as of right now, shit has indeed hit the fan:

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14 Responses to The problem with the “When SHTF” Mentality

  1. Paul B says:

    Some truth there. Not going to be a flaming sword in the sky. And if there is no amount of prep will save you then

  2. arc says:

    I could write a book on the subject, not that it would be worth reading, but still. One such thing people overlook is trash. If there are food shortages and you are putting soup cans and MRE packing into your garbage, its going to get noticed in a neighborhood. Countryside gets it a little easier because you can bury it.

    SHTF already exists in shades of grey, it gets better, it gets worse, it can always get ugly.

    • Wirecutter says:

      You’re going to burning and burying or recycling your trash for your own use and feeding garbage to hogs and chickens anyways – I doubt there’s going to be garbage pickup in that situation.

  3. Trib says:

    I always assume SHTF has started so I practicing what will happen. Trust no one. Because in the end mothers will eat their babies.

  4. The SHTF event we would experience is impossible to predict. How, where and what would happen to cause it is completely unknown. We can guess but that is all it is. A guess.

    The advice given to take care of things now is sound. Perhaps the best advice I can give is not so much my thinking as it is simply recalling how Americans survived from 1930-1941. Keep your larder stocked. Grow a garden. Be as self sufficient as possible. Learn to do without. You have to be ready to survive without any outside support.

    Take good care of your essential tools from kitchen to farming to reading to protection. Have a good running automobile that can carry a substantial amount of stuff without looking like you are one of those haulers in India with the stuff piled on the roof and trunk. Besides being dangerous you also mark yourself as someone well prepared which makes you a target for those who are not and any enforcement agency trying to control the situation.

    If and when it happens where you go will more likely be determined by where and when and how the trigger occurs and to presume you will go anywhere specific is a waste of time.

  5. Sanders says:

    Most people aren’t even ready for their water heater to go out.

    If you think you are going to grow a garden when SHTF and you’ve never planted one before, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. You put seeds away for bad times? When was the last time you proofed them to see if they were even still viable? I made that mistake last year with some spinach. Planted a bunch of seeds and not a single one came up. It was my mom, of all people who told me I should have proofed my seeds before I even planted them. Remember the Patriot Seeds folks were buying a few years back? They were from one of those orders. Kept them stored in a freezer.

    Got a bunch of red potatoes growing where I tried with the spinach last year.

    You have seeds. They are viable. Your garden is growing nicely. Then, one morning you notice a bunch of bugs on your plants. What are you going to do? If SHTF, you aren’t going down to Tractor Supply to get some Sevin Dust, or malathion spray. Do you know how to mix up organic bug killers? Do you know if they even work?

    Yeah, I could go on just on gardening alone. There are so many other facets of survival, nobody can cover all of them.

    Water. Shelter. Food. Security. I believe some Maslow cat came up with that list.

    • Keep in mind that in a grid down situation most of us will have a lot more time to sit and pick bugs off plants than we do now. It ain’t like we are going to be watching TV or reading blog posts. Many things today that seem too time consuming to deal with in a straight up manner will be like that once someone isn’t punching a clock every day.

    • Butch says:

      Some years ago I grew potatoes inside stacks of truck tires. It’s real easy, set down a tire, fill it with half dire and half hay then set the next tire. Stack them as high as you want to bend over. I made all mine so the top tire was about chest high so I wouldn’t have to bend over. The potatoes came up like gang busters. And I would water them and give them a shot of fertilizer every now and then,

      The tops were lovely, healthy green and really growing well. And no bugs! I was wondering what was going on because every bad bug loves potatoes. So after some time, I figured I should have some potatoes and went to digging some up. Oh Boy! Did I have a mess of potatoes. And fire ants.

      Then it dawned on me. I had built a perfect home for fire ants, including a bait for their food. The fire ants ate the bugs that came to eat the potatoes. The potatoes produced a wonderful crop and all I had to do was be careful when I harvested potatoes.

    • Rob says:

      Gardening has one heck of a learning curve.

  6. WoodBurner says:

    I believe having your mind right is the essential prep.

  7. CC says:

    I’m sure there are some areas where people may believe it’s hit already.

    • =TW= says:

      And those who live in urban centers will be fucked eventually, no matter how much they prepare.

  8. Gryphon says:

    To Me, the biggest Problem of “when the SHTF” is Determining when it is Time to Shoot the .gov bureaucrats and illegal aliens… all else is Details.

  9. anonymous says:

    Good points made. I recall when the Gulf of Mexico oil spill occurred, there was no plan to contain the damage before it really spiraled out of control. I don’t recall ever reading any thought of the possiblity that something so close to home and so many different oil platforms out there, that this could happen. There were some plans to evacuate the perimeter of the Gulf for miles – can you imagine if that were to occur in real life ? That is a lot of relocated people.

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