The Time the USAAF Bombed an American City

During the dead of winter, March 21st 1944; Miles City, Montana; local residents woke to their quaint little town being overrun and submerged by the rising frozen waters of the Yellowstone river. Ice jams were building quickly, raising the sub zero river water levels over 16 feet. As the blocks of ice, slush and freezing waters flooded into the city, residents were forced to flee their homes for safer grounds.

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7 Responses to The Time the USAAF Bombed an American City

  1. Trish says:

    “heavy snow, winds and cold”, Yup, that describes Miles City to a tee. I grew up about 80 miles east of there. I go through Miles City every time I visit the ranch I grew up on. My brother is still running the ranch.

  2. Buzz D. says:

    What a great piece of history! I loved this article and I thank Kenny for posting this. I love to learn things. Huzza to the plane’s crew, the Greatest Generation strikes gold again!!!

  3. Frank says:

    Only time???….check out the WWII Japanese balloon bombing of the US.

  4. Gryphon says:

    I seem to remember reading an Article about the Air Force Bombing a Lava Flow on Hawaii, maybe back in the 50’s, to Divert it from running into a Town. Also that the Army Corps of Engineers had (or still has) a Plan to use Nukes to Blow the Side Off of one of those Volcanoes if it were to really get Stupid and threaten a City. Doubt that it would End Well, though.

  5. Elmo says:

    Not entirely unrelated. I ran across it the other day.

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