Yup, I’m turning 60 today. Woo-hoo….. I think.

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  1. UH1H CE says:

    Happy B-day! I’ll be in the 60 club next year, too.

    I still have my first copy of that album I got for my 13th birthday in ’73. Been through 2 more then CDs came out.

  2. Aufklarer says:

    Been there, done that.
    Suck it up, cupcake.

  3. Eod1sg Ret says:

    Happy birthday, Kenny! Hope to hit 60 myself later this year. Saw Floyd doing the Animals tour at Burke Lake Front Stadium in Cleveland in 77. Epic from what I can remember! We used to get pretty fucked up back then. I’d have taken better care of myself If I’d have known I was going to live this long.

  4. xtron says:

    60 is the new 40. stay active, stay rested, and stay healthy my friend

  5. Freerangecitizen says:

    Happy birthday. Hopefully 60 isn’t too much crunchier than 59.

  6. AZRobert says:

    Happy Birthday………61 here and my song every time i look into the mirror is “Dream On” but i do like “Spirit in the Sky” as i get older and watch others drop by the wayside and “i’m still alive and well” a good tune for today……too


  7. Phil says:

    Happy Birthday Kenny.
    You should go to town and buy yourself an ice cream.

  8. Tim in AK says:

    I’m only 5 years behind you, Kenny.
    I have to say, everything got better starting 3 months ago when I started eating LowCarbHighFat (LCHF).
    It’s called Low Carb, but I shoot for NO carbs.
    Many of my chronic pains have went away, to the point that I now take almost no painkillers at all. Maybe 1 or 2 a week.
    And my morning brain fog has vanished. My dairy allergy has also vanished.
    I just feel better.
    As soon as this replaced knee fully heals up, and I’m no longer hobbling around, I can’t wait to see what my new normal will feel like.

  9. Stretch says:

    A wee dram of a clear amber fluid has been consumed in your honor.

  10. Pittsburgher says:

    Happy birthday, Wirecutter! You got a year on me.

  11. Robert says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  12. MartyB says:

    Happy birthday Kenny! Todays range session was in your honor! I just didn’t know it until now…

  13. Bad Attitude says:

    Happy birthday!

  14. Coal Fusion says:

    Happy Birthday you young whipper snapper!

  15. bogsidebunny says:

    Think positive Dude. Only 2 years and a wake up till DEROS to early Social Security payout.

  16. LowKey says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I’m about a decade behind you. but catching up fast…

  17. Mike Papa says:

    Kenny hasn’t heard that 60 is the new 50…so he’s got that going for him. Happy born day Ken.

  18. JD says:

    Happy birthday sir! Excellent choice of music for the day.

  19. Critter says:

    I shall drink a beer in your honor.

  20. Stonyground says:

    That song made a big impression on me back when I was a teenager. It said to me, never waste your time, you only get one life, make sure that you spend every moment living it. I’m sixty too and I hope that I have done my best to live up to that song’s profound message.

    • Wirecutter says:

      It’s one of my all time favorite Pink Floyd song just for the reasons you stated.
      The words alone are very profound but the musical composition is brilliant.

  21. Michael Montgomery says:

    Happy birthday,bro hope you’re having a awesome day.

  22. pigpen51 says:

    Happy Birthday, Ken. You are a year older than me again. Make sure that you do something fun. Just do it slower, now that you are an old guy.

  23. singlestack says:

    I’ll be 64 in about six weeks.
    Mentally and physically I’m still strong and tough; in some ways I’m stronger and tougher than I’ve ever been. My tolerance for fools is certainly lower than it used to be. I don’t have the stamina I once did but I can and often do easily outwork men half or even a third my age.
    I have the aches, pains, and scars that come with almost three quarters of a century of life and I earned every one of them. They remind me that I’ve lived my life doing something.
    When I look around at people my age I’m amazed at how old they are. Seeing someone in their early 60s described as elderly just makes me shake my head and chuckle. It’s kind of sad though, because most of them ARE elderly.
    When I was 60, one day I dug out my old “Dark Side of the Moon” concert tee (it still fits!) and went into town. I went by the mall and while I was there I stopped to get a bite to eat. While I was standing in line a kid around 16 or 17 said, “Cool t-shirt”. I turned around and he said, “My dad listens to Pink Floyd all the time. You old dudes sure had some cool music”. I smiled and said, “Yeah kid, we sure did”.
    Happy birthday, Kenny.

  24. Aesop says:

    Many Happy Returns Of The Day!

    Now, as Mom used to say to us about the TV on Saturday morning:
    Turn that danged contraption off, go outside and PLAY!

  25. Charlie says:

    Well happy birthday sir!

  26. irontomflint says:

    Happy Birthday!! Welcome to the rest of your life!

  27. Paul B says:

    Good on you. It is a milestone for sure. I think more so than 40 anymore.

  28. Nancysjet says:

    Happy birthday Kenny you old dawg!

  29. curtis says:

    less than 2 years left. Hopefully I’ll make it there.

    Happy Birthday!

  30. Buzz D. says:

    HBD, Ken. I hope you have many more burfdeys to come. Don’t let your meat loaf or your bag drag.

  31. Judy says:

    Happy birthday! And here’s to many more healthy ones!

  32. Cavguy says:

    Welcome to the club! 60s


  33. Carl says:

    Happy birthday Kenny!

  34. TC says:

    HBD Mr. Kenny!

  35. Lineman says:

    Happy Birthday Kenny…May this only.be the halfway mark for you

  36. PepeLp says:

    Happy birthday!

  37. Mike_C says:

    Happy Birfday, Kenny.

    “Woo-hoo….. I think”
    Well, I think it beats the alternative….

  38. Yinzer says:

    Happy Birthday, Kenny!!! May you have many more… and keep writing!!! The best thing about your site are your personal stories. Hope you and Miss Lisa enjoy the day!

  39. screwauger says:

    Happy Birthday Kenny!! And Many More, (but not too many).

  40. Martinez Alex says:

    Happy birthday Kenny!

  41. Long time lurker says:

    Happy birthday Wirecutter. Have a bourbon and enjoy yourself. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. I get much enjoyment from it.

  42. Jeremy says:

    Happy Birthday Kenny.

  43. Frankie says:

    Happy Birthday Lane. You beat me to it by 2 months!

  44. Kari Cooke says:

    Happy Birthday!

  45. Dirty Dingus McGee says:

    Congratulations on surviving another trip around the sun. If I survive, I’ll be starting my 62nd in a few weeks.

    Ain’t as much fun as they made it look on TV, but it’s better than looking up at the grass I reckon. In the event I don’t survive, I hope this song comes true


    • Padawan says:

      Your screen name is one of my absolute favorite movies ever.

      • Dirty Dingus McGee says:

        You will of course have noticed a slight variation in the name. The movie is MaGee, I changed the a to a c as a nod to my Scottish and Irish heritage.

  46. B says:

    Happy birthday

  47. Dan Kaufman says:

    Mr. Lane: I don’t know you, and I can’t for the life of me remember how I came across your blog, but it is what I check out every morning, and every night before I retire. I will be 50 this year, but I feel pretty good physically, and about 15 or so mentally. I just wanna say, Happy Birthday man! I hope to be just like you in 10 years! Take care!

  48. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Happy Birthday! Keep the home fires burning. This site and a strong cup of coffee starts off a lot of our days.
    Oh yeah, 64 here. You’ll do well.

  49. Klaus says:

    Hey happy birthday dude,you got me by 5. I hope you had a great day!

  50. George in Florida says:

    Happy birthday ! Good Lord willing do my 60th next year. Blessed be and thanks for the great blog !

  51. T. Rose says:

    Happy birthday Kenny! Never slow down! Never grow up!

  52. ZombieDawg says:

    It’s all downhill from…err…10 years ago ☺

  53. Padawan says:

    I have 20 years to go before I become as magnificent as you. Happy succesful day pf departing the womb!

  54. Cc says:

    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

  55. MW@Cairns says:

    Good on you mate. Cheers. Have one on me.

  56. Lofty says:

    Happy birthday mate.

  57. Kv says:

    Happy Birthday Kenny. May you have many more years of properly ornery behavior!

  58. Oswald Bastable says:

    Happy Bourbon Day!

  59. Robert the Biker says:

    Happy Birthday Kenny, 66 here, but still about 23 inside, and that is the great secret to it all.

  60. waitingForTheStorm says:

    Ken: Happy birthday, young man. I hit 64 this year and am doing okay. It has been a good run, for me at least. Moving here was the best (well, second best) thing that ever happened to me. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into you at the Walmart. Many happy returns.

  61. Terri says:

    Happy birthday, Kenny!!

  62. MT says:

    Happy belated birthday. Hope many more BDs are in your future. Thanks for all you do.

  63. Randy says:

    Happy Belated

  64. John Deaux says:

    Damn it man,.
    Happy Birthday
    Wishing you many more

  65. Mr Ed says:

    Happy birthday, man.

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