Truer words never spoken

America’s ‘progressive’ lunatic fringe is in a heated contest with itself to see who can make the most outrageous claims of victim-hood and oppression. Such a deranged pastime can only lead to national ruin.

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6 Responses to Truer words never spoken

  1. B_Rad says:

    “Social justice snowflakes won’t quit until US becomes a balkanized battlefield (or is it already?)”

    Well personally, I have not joined in the festivities yet. I would imagine I’m the same as most Red Neck Conservatives. I haven’t really seen I’ve needed to participate YET. Don’t go calling the game before it’s started Tinker bell.

    • Heathen says:

      It’s RT (Russia Times ) so take it for what it’s worth. The writer is a former editor of The Moscow News,and authored a book 6 years ago ‘Midnight in the American Empire.

  2. Ken M says:

    Ironically, non of the turmoil is necessary our nation would just tell these whiny bitches to sit down, STFU or GTFO. But no…every single time someone blurts the inane it gets 48 hrs of national media coverage and a new congressional hearing

  3. SgtBob says:

    Wait, wait. Obviously, the Starbucks waitress (I don’t know what a barista is) is a product of modern American schools. Count. One snowflake customer. Six po-leece officers. Which is greater than the other? Who spent the most money? Ohh. She was never schooled in business, certainly not in capitalism.

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Barista = Pretentious sounding word used by dejected art history and drama majors that describes their employment in order to make themselves feel better about serving coffee to those they feel intellectually superior to.

  4. dotacion says:

    Ah yes, the progressive stack.

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