Vermont’s governor calls his own state’s people irredeemably racist

In a June 21 press release, Vermont governor Phil Scott announced his decision to hire Xusana Davis, a thirty-year-old from New York City, as “the state’s first executive director of racial disparity.” Ms. Davis has been commissioned “to identify and address systemic racial disparities and support the state’s efforts to expand and bring diversity to Vermont’s overall population[.]” But it is far from clear that there are any “systemic racial disparities” to address.

Governor Scott and Vermont attorney general T.J. Donovan have vocally condemned the Green Mountain State and its inhabitants as racist, based on statistics that show that blacks are incarcerated at a higher rate than whites and are more likely to be stopped by police. But there has been no analysis of whether these disparities are due to higher arrest rates of “people of color” as a consequence of a thriving opioid crisis.

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14 Responses to Vermont’s governor calls his own state’s people irredeemably racist

  1. Jack says:

    Burlington has always been a hippie type place but at least it “WAS” safe and clean in the 80’s.
    The 3rd world filthy brownies brought in by easy welfare and the socialists have turned it into a fucking welfare crime shithole.

    • Padawan says:

      I used to go to Girl Scout camp in Thetford. If there were “people of color” there it was because they were from like New York or Mass. My last year there (I was 17) there was a black girl in my unit from souther New Hampshire One of the other girls in my unit who grew up on a farm in very rural Vermont (and extremely naieve) wanted to know what country the “exchange student” came from. She didn’t know black people existed in the United States because she’d never seen one in the town she lived in.

  2. daddy-o says:

    I’m retiring in a few years and am leaving the NE area, want to leave the 10 feet of snow behind, where does a guy go?
    Tenn is tempting, but I dont want humidity either.
    WV land is cheap, but the house water is iffy.
    I just want quiet, conservative, and white, is that too much to ask for?

    • Cederq says:

      South Dakota baby….

      • Danny says:

        I left NY/NJ for Utah and haven’t looked back. Only Roman Catholic here :) but hasn’t caused any problems. Bring your guns and have a great time in the great outdoors!

        • daddy-o says:

          Thank you to both of you.
          I had not considered west of the ole’ river.
          Going into retirement its the property taxes rather than payroll that concern me.
          Also, Im just tired of dealing with 10 ft of snow every winter.

          Nearing 50 years as a machinist, old school, will be able to trade skill for any barter also.

          • Cederq says:

            We don’t get 10 feet of snow here but 3 to 4 is normal and 6 ft drifts that block both your front and rear door… and did I say windy? But, at least it is mostly white folk for the time being. The darkies after a winter usually go south.

    • FaCubeItches says:

      “I just want quiet, conservative, and white, is that too much to ask for?”
      Of course it is, you fascist racist.
      – Your Friendly Neighborhood Elites

  3. MTD says:

    Yep, Phil Scott is a prime example of what we had to choose from in the last election. It was a choice between a RINO or a literal transvestite progressive for the Democrats. I fully expect that Vermont will do its best to increase the importation of as many African/Middle East refugees (future doctors, scientists, engineers, etc.) as possible in order to virtue signal that the state isn’t a bunch of goose-stepping Nazis.

    • Nemo says:

      Remember, Bernie Sanders, via NYC and the USSR, is the most visible example of what Vermont has become in the last two generations. An avowed Communist, yet the voters KEEP sending him back to DC.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    Its amazing to me that statistic after statistic points to higher levels of crime across the board, and the only thing anyone ever says is: “it’s whitey’s fault”.
    Its the laws that are racist (no, my dear, murder, larceny, and assault know no color boundary). Anyone ever think that maybe, just maybe, Tyrone’s the one with the issue? There, I said it, now you can call me RAACCIISSSSSS.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    I wonder if the Baboon loving governor will invite a cluster of ground apes to live in his mansion indefinitely.

  6. Phil B says:

    The facts don’t lie … black people are more criminally inclined than any other race in the USA. Try skimming this blogs headlines and see for yourself. He backs up his claims with statistics from Police Departments and the FBI etc.

  7. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    It’s high time us “people of non-color” stand up for ourselves and our race. “Diversity” is NOT our strength as a nation, and saying that is not “rayciss” it’s the fucking truth! Fact is, Blacks commit most of the violent crimes in the U.S. and I don’t see Blacks doing much to stop it, other than bitch and moan about how they’re discriminated against by “whitey”.
    The stupid-ass governor needs to realize Vermont is 94% white because the residents WANT IT THAT WAY.

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