Wait for it…

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  1. play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  2. whynot says:

    Examples of what keeps me employed………

  3. TRF says:

    Actually… on #2, I’m thinking that the only real danger there is if the guy hits his head on the right front tire, that thing is gonna roll over into the parked car across the street.

    • RocketmanKarl says:

      I’m more worried about how rotted out that rocker is right where the board is. Looks like that board could punch through the rust and make Russian Mechanic Jelly.

    • Howard says:

      The only fatality from the Ridgecrest earthquakes was some guy 100 miles away working under his jeep when the quake hit and took out the jack.

    • a1911guy says:

      How the heck does he get the car tilted up on the board, and how does he let it down without popping the tires?

  4. Inbred Redneck says:

    It’s tilted so the solar panels on the roof work better.

  5. Aesop says:

    Didja hear about the only fatality in the China Lake July 4th quake?
    Po-po in Pahrump, 100 miles or so from the epicenter, responded to a man found dead under his jeep out in BFE in the desert, using cinder block car jacks.
    Time of death was set right around the time of the first quake on Thursday.
    Turns out the front rim was tougher than his head.

    I say Darwin Award, Honorable Mention.


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