“We’ll just go to Nevada or Arizona to buy our ammo”

You go right ahead and do that.

Below are screenshots from the Nevada County California Sheriff’s Office Booking Report (courtesy of Elmo) showing 3 arrests for smuggling in fireworks.
If you’ll notice, the three arrests that I screenshotted took place at the I-80 Agriculture Inspection Station – you know, the one that nobody ever gets stopped at.

From Elmo’s email:

Over the last two weeks, CalFire LEOs have made at least 15 and possibly as many as 20 arrests on identical charges, one of which is Possession of Dangerous Fireworks, a felony. These arrests have been made by at least 8 different badge numbers and all but 2 of them occurred at the “I-80 Ag Station”. The other 2 were made at Soda Springs. The people arrested have been from the Sacramento and Bay areas and the San Juaquin Valley.

I believe this is a precursor to what the CA DOJ will be doing with people who transport ‘contraband’ ammunition later this summer. I find it completely foolish that some people still believe they’re going to be able to run over to Cabela’s or to the Big Gun Show and stock up. They’re risking a lot to take that chance, including the loss of their right to own a firearm.

Here’s your screenshots:

All I’ve got to say is buyer beware.

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41 Responses to “We’ll just go to Nevada or Arizona to buy our ammo”

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Same thing here about 10 miles north of the South Carolina border. South Carolina has firework stands on all major roads from the beginning of May and they sell shit way beyond the legal explosive limit up north. But the North Carolina Troopers stake the stands out and any NC tagged vehicles buying are sure to be stopped once they transit the border.

  2. Elmo says:

    Monday, July 1st update – 26 total felony fireworks arrests by 12 CalFire LEOs since June 10th, almost all of which were made at the bug station.

  3. FaCubeItches says:

    “including the loss of their right to own a firearm.”

    How does one lose an unalienable right? Everyone lost the “right” a long time ago, by allowing it to be turned into a license. Once it became a license, it only exists at the whim of the government.

  4. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Picked up some PDX 12 gauge at Big 5 over the weekend. They told me they’ve been slammed by other customers trying to beat the deadline. This is such utter bullshit!

  5. B_Rad says:

    There are a coupe gun stores and one ammo manufacturer in the Reno area advertising “we don’t check I.D.” when selling ammo. Everybody I talk to plans on just driving over to Reno. I suspect the check station has a method of detecting gun powder.

  6. WoodBurner says:

    Can’t ya just hire an illegal mule from some 3rd world shit hole to do the dirty work?

  7. Kevin Hogan says:

    The peoples republic of washington has a very high tax on cigarettes so people in spokane area hop the border to Idaho to buy smokes and washington state revenue has tax enforcers sitting in the Udaho parking lots and if you have washington plates on your vehicle as soon as you cross back into washington they pull you over and tax you.

  8. LargeMarge says:

    After my uncle Jesse (born in Rhodesia in 1899) retired, he acquired a coastal property just north of the Oregon border with Californians.

    Late afternoon entertainment included sling-shoting BBs at the bug-shack.

    Did you notice Californians moved their Interstate 80 bug-shack several miles from the Nevada border? Coincidence? I think not!

    • Scott says:

      Did you notice Californians moved their Interstate 80 bug-shack several miles from the Nevada border?

      The one on I-15 also moved. Used to be you were most of the way to Barstow before you hit it; now, it’s just a handful of miles from the border, on the uphill climb to Mountain Pass, visible from Primm.

      It may actually be possible to bypass it: instead of taking I-15 out of Las Vegas, take Hwy. 95 through Searchlight and Cal-Nev-Ari into California. It connects to I-40 west of the Needles checkpoint, and the California stretch of Hwy. 95 is a lightly-traveled two-lane road that I usually take to get to Lake Havasu City or Parker, AZ. Take I-40 west to Barstow, then get on I-15. A quick check of Google Maps didn’t show any checkpoints along the way.

  9. M. Sage says:

    CA DOJ’s Firearms Division (or bureau or whatever it is now) goons were well-known to go to gun shows in Reno, check tags in the parking lot and follow people from CA around the show. I’ve known people who were pulled over on I80 for no good reason while they were on the way home from that show.

  10. Nemo says:

    After reading this post I said to myself “there’s gotta be a way around”. I DDG’d “How do I avoid I-80 CA Ag Station” Sure enough: ferretsanonymous.com/checkpoints/checkpoints.html It was the second returned term in the list. FYI, I live near the “other” coast, so won’t be testing this info.

    • Wirecutter says:

      And you can bet that every one of those bypasses are known to the CHP and County Sheriffs and they’ll be patrolled heavily for at least a while.

      • TheOtherSean says:

        This is why the citizenry needs access to Predator drones.

      • Elmo says:

        It would be fun to take this week to spend the days driving up and down Dog Valley Road, wouldn’t it Ken? Number one, to see if you could spot law enforcement, marked or unmarked. Number two, to see if you could get stopped by any of them and to see how the conversation might go.

        • Wirecutter says:

          I’d be willing to bet all those bypass roads will be heavily patrolled for a good long while. Good luck if you’ve got an NRA, GOA, or any other pro-gun sticker on your car.

          • revjen45 says:

            Good reason for having NO expressions of political opinion or affiliation on one’s vehicles.

            • Wirecutter says:

              I’ve got a Colt Firearms sticker on my back window, but I rarely venture out of my three County area. If I need to, the sticker is easily covered with a For Sale sign.

  11. mbob says:

    It shouldn’t be too long before Mexican ammo cartels are in the news.

  12. Frank says:

    I suppose they will have bullet sniffing dogs. The truth is that they can’t stop drugs they will only catch a small percentage of us. Fuck em free market rules!

  13. Gadget says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they had informants or undercover officers doing surveillance and calling in tag number for CA officers to make interdiction stops when they come across the border.

  14. Gryphon says:

    Surveillance and Harassment of the pigs staking out the Gun Stores may be in Order… Wonder if there is a ‘jurisdictional issue’ with CA pigs undercover in NV? “Undercover” porcs are usually quite Obvious, walking up to one in their Car and taking Close-Up Pics of their Face, and the car’s Tags, would likely be Intimidating, but not “Illegal”. 10-20 Folks doing this at the Same Time would Send a Message, and it would be hard for the .gov to ‘prosecute’. Drawing Unwanted Attention to the coproaches would curb this to some extent.

    • warhorse says:

      the MA cops used to stake out the NH liquor stores and bust people when they went back over the border with untaxed booze. the NH state troopers strongly stopped the practice by ARRESTING the MA cops and only releasing them when their boss came to get them out.

      perhaps local cops need to be advised of out-of-state LEO’s interfering with lawful transactions? “oh you’ve got a badge? well you’re WAY the fuck out of your jurisdiction. I advise you to get back there. NOW.”

  15. Virgal L Bressner says:

    In California, possession of dangerous fireworks is a felony. In Portland, breaking an unsuspecting woman’s eye socket is a misdemeanor.


  16. Rick T says:

    Don’t go to the first store across the state line. Don’t immediately head home. Don’t talk about a Smokey and the Bandit run.

    Op-sec, guys. Op-sec

  17. Butch says:

    Hell, buy your ammo and then ship it to your neighbor by UPS. Don’t declare to UPS what it is and don’t tell your neighbor about any of it until you know UPS dropped it off to him.

    Go to Reno and park a coupl of miles from any gun store. Then take a cab to go by ammo. Return to your car, it was never in the gun store parking lot, so your tage weren’t made.

    Ammo gives off an odor that some dogs are taught to smell. TSA can also pick up the chemical odor from ammo. They have little round wipes that will detect the presence of gun powder or it’s off-gassing.

    • Sanders says:

      I was doing some work on a very secure military installation a while back. One of the things they did there was run a dog through every single vehicle that came through the gates. I went back and forth through that 4 or 5 times during the project, and met a few different dogs.

      About a week or so after I finished, I was cleaning out my truck and found a box of Wolf .45ACP I had bought, put under the seat, then forgotten about. None of the dogs ever alerted on it.

    • Aesop says:

      Jump through the hoops. Buy your ammo in CA. Save the receipts. Take it to NV. Come back with it. Get pulled over.
      Pitch a bitch. Retain a lawyer. Go to court.
      Present the receipts. Get acquitted.
      Lather. Rinse. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

      After a few seven-figure wrongful prosecution and false imprisonment settlements, and you can afford to have the stuff brought in by Learjet and hand delivered, and your name and license plates will forever be on the “Don’t F**k With This Guy Ever” List.

      God help those badged jackholes when someone starts smearing smokeless powder residue on the bumper of every car in the parking lot at a Vegas casino (bonus points if you cut it with some form of 8 gazillion Scovill unit pepper sauce) with CA plates, and the orcs and their talking dogs have five hundred vehicles in stop-and-search, incoming traffic is backed up to Utah, and they come up with jack and shit. Bonus points for doing that over the weekend after 4th of July, and every other holiday weekend for the next year.
      Do it to yourself, and be sure that the only thing in your trunk is a bag of Purina dog chow.
      Fluffy and Officer Friendly will be reassigned someplace (even shittier than the Ag station – don’t ask) in about 0.2 seconds.

      Cloward-Piven times BFYTW runs them off the rails in about a minute and a half.
      Then they go back to really important stuff, like asking you about illegal fruit.

      Next problem.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Sure, and the cost of a lawyer and lost wages to go to court makes all that worthwhile, right?
        And as far as smearing a gunpowder solution or residue on car bumpers with California plates… well, we’ll just cause somebody else to get jacked up just to get our point across, right? That’s just fucking wrong. What about the law-abiding guy that’s carrying a gun in his car without a permit? You just sent him to jail.

        • Aesop says:

          Freedom isn’t free.

          We can pointlessly argue “Should be” all we want.
          If people aren’t willing to kick up a fuss over these kinds of jackassical laws, they’ll lose the rights they don’t defend.

          As it is, even the Ninth Circus hasn’t been very impressed with the Califrutopia legislature’s anti-gun shenanigans of late, so I’m not expecting this one to pass the federal smell tests under Heller or McDonald either, let alone restricting a legal product, one that’s legal on both sides of state boundaries, which probably also violates multiple federal laws on interstate commerce. The obvious aim of this nonsense, to simply hinder, tax, and further infringe on an individual constitutional right, has nowhere to hide in federal court.

          What next, your Honor? Requiring a background check and permit tax to exercise a First Amendment right?
          (And yes, CA has just considered a law that would issue “suggestions” to religions directing them to stop referring to homosexuality as a sin. That’s just about an inch from the point where people are going to be inclined to start voting with triggers and nooses instead of paper ballots.)

          But we’ll never find out if everyone rolls over, or just runs and hides.

          If everybody simply went for the court trial of every traffic ticket for six months, the courts would explode, and they’d stop writing tickets. The whole system is predicated on everyone rolling over for it and surrendering the little fine, forever.

          You get the government you settle for.
          Where would CCW and constitutional carry laws be in 40 states now, if everyone just gave up back in 1980?

          Most everyone hereabouts knows this law is still in the first inning, it’s not the final score.

          And tying this nonsense to pretty much 100% of the Dumbocrat presidential clownshow candidates, particularly our own Senator Kneepads, can’t hurt going into the 2020 election season either.

          I’d have a tough time finding any valid argument against any level of resistance and monkeywrenching of this recockulous law, up to and including dragging the entire state legislature out and stringing them up to handy lampposts, just because, in lieu of impeachment and treason trials.

          But I expect we’ll start off opposing it by following Marquess of Queensbury Rules, at least initially.

          (And BTW, a “law abiding guy” who’s carrying a gun in his car “without a permit”, is on the same level of jurisprudence as an “illegal alien” who hasn’t broken any other laws. There are no “law-abiding” criminals. You want to make constitutional carry federal law, beyond the states’ legal authority to legislate, and end “permits” forever, by arguing founder’s original intent under the 2A, and I’ll sign up for your newsletter and march in your parade. Until then, we’re stuck with “Is”, instead of “Should be”. I’m no happier about that than I expect you are.)

          Last I looked, despite Heller and multiple additional rulings on that case, and about a decade passing, you still can’t get a handgun in D.C. So if you want to get hopping mad about something, ask why the US A.G. and FBI hasn’t arrested the entire D.C. government, mayor, city council, city attorney, and the entire police leadership from chief down, jailed them without bail, and prosecuted them for conspiracy and deliberate ongoing federal civil rights violations. And then opened up a federally-run retail gun store on the Capitol Mall, open to everyone.

          Given that egregious national failure, anything up to armed insurrection in the national capitol, and shooting cops in the face for trying to enforce their unjust laws, is fair game, and if it happened tomorrow, I’d send money to the resistance.

          Breaking the law publicly and flagrantly, and then breaking a broomhandle off in Big Gov’s tailpipe, seems to be the only tactic they still understand or respect.

          • Wirecutter says:

            Short reply because I’m still on my first cup of coffee: If you want to clog the courts, that’s fine. Go for it, although I seriously doubt they’ll just quit writing tickets.

            I do agree with most of your comment here, for what it’s worth. The only thing is, Californians haven’t just lost the battle, y’all have lost the war. The State dictates which firearms you can buy with their California Approved list, they dictate magazine capacity, and they require that all firearms be registered.
            As far as ARs go, their regulations have made ownership laughable. The ones you can own with the State’s blessing are so modified with workarounds that the only resemblance to a ‘real’ AR is the bolt carrier group. You can’t even get a quick reload with your 10 round magazines because of the restrictions placed on the firearm. Sure, there’s workarounds like that atrocious looking (and handling) Thordsen stock, or a quick takedown pin, but those are nothing more than compromises, not victories. They’ve turned your ARs from fine fighting and self defense weapons into target range rifles.

            There will be no uprising in California. If there was going to be one, it would’ve already happened. As a former Californian, I watched the laws go from a 10 day waiting period for handguns only to:
            May Issue counties for CCW permits
            Having to go through an FFL for private handgun sales (about 1990)
            An outright ban on ARs (which expired, not was repealed)
            Having to go through an FFL for all firearm sales
            A written test (and fee) for handgun sales
            Magazine capacity restrictions
            Requiring a tool be used to reload an AR magazine
            A written test (and fee) for rifle and shotgun sales
            Outlawing of lead bullets for hunting
            And finally, requiring a background check to buy ammo

            That’s a bunch of lines in the sand that have been crossed, yet there’s been no uprising. We (Yes, we) just gritted our teeth and accepted it. All we did was step back and draw another line in the sand.

            And finally, as far as a “law abiding guy” who’s carrying a gun in his car “without a permit”, is on the same level of jurisprudence as an “illegal alien” who hasn’t broken any other laws goes, there’s a huge difference between exercising a God given Right and being an illegal alien, jurisprudence be damned. That word game does not make it right to risk having another person arrested just so you can prove a point. Fight your own battles without endangering an innocent and unaware person’s Rights and Freedom.

            • Aesop says:

              The lawsuit against the State Approved List is working its way through the system, the magazine ban is now overturned, pending appeal by CA (and will likely lose ultimately, and permanently).
              But yes, more creeping regulation.
              Like universal registration, etc.
              And yes, more de-nutted AR-15s.
              5-10 Million of them here now, compared to barely 200K before they were first banned in 1989. That’s nearly a quarter of the state’s current population, at the upper end of that range.

              None of that precipitates a revolution, nor were any of those intermediate steps considered “lines in the sand”, to anyone I ever heard of, or from.

              Nor will this be.
              In fact, 80/20 ammo registration gets overturned legally as well.

              But the entire communist edifice going tits up financially does precipitate a revolution, when Uncle Government’s teats dry up.
              The Califrutopia Legislature can’t ban gravity, and they can’t print money. The state’s bond rating (which is any state’s credit card) is officially “junk”. And when pension collapse hits, as it inevitably must, the socialist party here is over. There will be no enforcement, of anything, because cops won’t work for free.
              You can tell me the odds of the rest of the country bailing out CA, esp. when 35 of the states are about to hit the same pension wall financial apocalypse. IIRC, IL will actually get there first. (They alreadyannounced they won’t be hiring current firemen, because they need the money to pay the pensions of the retired ones! That’ll work out well for fires and heart attacks.)

              Choking the courts here to a stop in the meantime is just more oil into that fire.

              Somebody greasing the handrails on the escalator to Hell doesn’t particularly hurt my feelings. I’m past worrying that the latest jack-booted thuggery from Excremento will sweep up innocent Normies in its overreach. At least half of them voted this nonsense into place, so they deserve to feel the burn personally. I view that as a feature, not a bug.

              Playing nice with outright totalitarian communists hasn’t worked very well for the last 50 years, by contrast, so maybe it’s past time to take the kid gloves off.

              Freedom’s just another word for ‘nothing left to lose’….”

              The monkeywrenching being plotted in the open on sites like Calguns is already reaching viral levels.

              After all, what are they going to do about it? Take our guns away and raise our taxes?
              Heavens to Betsy.

              • Wirecutter says:

                I’ve been hearing about how gun laws were going to be overturned for 35 years now, and what do you have? The strictest gun control laws in the Nation. Now your state is bluer than it ever has been and you think things are somehow going to magically become different?

                • Jim Klein says:

                  C’mon Kenny, get with the program willya? Everyone knows that in war, the other side should set the rules.

      • FaCubeItches says:

        Good luck with the countersuit – the courts would almost certainly uphold the stop as justified and determine that probable cause existed.

      • Carl says:

        I see career opportunities for “Designated Decoys” here – cardboard ammo case boxes filled with…books? bricks? river rocks?

        There’s probably future fun in printing fake ammunition company logos on every box your soap-and-candle store ships.

  18. The Gray Man says:

    A Gedanken Experiment:

    Something the dogs are trained to hit on is rubbed on the floor of the vehicle, then vacuumed up, leaving the scent without the physical presence.
    Something ugly (lye, chili powder, etc.) happens to fall on that spot.
    Yes, officer. I DO mind if you search the vehicle.
    What’s wrong with your dog, officer?

    Just a thought.
    Back to reality.

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