Well, that didn’t take long

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- The problems encountered since the new ammunition background check system was put into effect on July 1st 2019, have far surpassed what we predicted, and we predicted a train wreck.

The approval process takes over a half hour per customer, instead of the promised two minutes. DOJ is imposing unnecessary and costly requirements on vendors. Countless customers are being turned down by DOJ for lack of ID even if they have a California driver’s license. Law abiding people cannot get ammunition they need for sport or self-defense. Businesses may have to close as a result of this extreme regulatory burden.

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18 Responses to Well, that didn’t take long

  1. Bill says:

    Maybe that was California’s plan all along. Make it so difficult and time-consuming to get ammo, that you’ve essentially banned it.

    Drive to Nevada and bring back several cases.

    • OD says:


      ‘I try to be cynical, but it’s too hard to keep up’ [HT : Lily Tomlin]

      Of course the phuques in Sacramento intended it as a ban. The gov is clue-free and intellectually unencumbered

    • FaCubeItches says:

      “Maybe”? That was the plan.

  2. Locked and Loaded says:

    Be very careful buying ammo in Nevada. A pretty good source I have told me there are dogs trained to sniff out ammo working at the bug station on Interstate 80……just saying.

  3. Troy Smith says:

    Precisely as intended.

  4. CC says:

    Sounds like the inmates running psycholand got exactly what they were after

  5. Burgess Schnitzius says:

    This is not a bug, this is a feature. No ammo means no threat from the guns we own. They knew this would happen, it is all a part of their intentions.

  6. nonncom says:

    More dictatorial policy from the land of the fruits and nuts….

  7. woodsterman says:

    It’s going exactly as planned.

    • crazyeighter says:

      I seem to remember more than once back when Tennessee had a Genuine Democrat Governor that the Tennessee Instant Check System would shit the bed on weekends, right during gun show operating hours.

      I don’t know why I’m surprised that high-tech California isn’t any different twenty years later.

      But like the truckdriver comments in the article, “Just like booze during Prohibition”. (And weed since 1935.)

  8. Cavguy says:

    And there’s a problem here?

  9. Gryphon says:

    This will go ‘national’ as soon as a democrap is (s)elected president.
    Anyone who doesn’t have at least 10,000 Rounds for each Caliber of Guns they own needs to cut back the Beer Budget and Buy More Ammo.

  10. H1 says:

    The Earth Quakes ain’t gonna improve peeps pucker factor. Specially if they head out to stock up.

  11. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Looking forward for the injunction to be ordered. This is bullshit.

  12. RTinWeimar says:

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

  13. Dan says:

    So the system works like crap? Newsflash! That’s a FEATURE, not a bug.

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