What, I’ve got lightning to worry about too?

BRENTWOOD, TN (WSMV) – Firefighters believed a lightning strike may have sparked a fire at an apartment in Brentwood on Sunday evening.


Actually, I’ve seen some really close lightning strikes here. I’ve seen a couple tree hits not 300 yards from the house and I’ve heard that shit sizzling through the air as it comes down. Now that’s scary.

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  1. AZRobert says:

    My ex and i had a lightning strike in a tree in our backyard of the house we rented in chula wana around 93. When we moved to Prescott. Az. in 95 had a strike in the street as we were backing out of the garage and also had a few more strikes around us when we moved to Prescott Valley in 96…….funny that it all went away after the divorce…..somethings that make you go hmm….

    They say AZ is number 2 in lightning strikes….ouch

    • Wirecutter says:

      I wouldn’t think there’d be that many strikes in Arizona as dry as it is.

      • grayman says:

        Florida has lighting in broad daylight and not a cloud in the sky. I imagine Arizona with the desert air has a lot of static electricity in the air. A lighting rod set up should protect you, Lisa and the mutts just fine.

      • bottlestop says:

        The AZ monsoon season matches the hurricane season. Lots of isolated, short, and sometimes severe thunderstorms. The lightning can be a few miles from the actual rain.

  2. bwayne says:

    Lightning hit the Very Large pecan tree 50 ft from my house.Make me jump

  3. Tsquared says:

    A house up the road has a sweetgum and poplar tree in their backyard. Both trees are tall but not taller than the pine trees in the adjacent lots. Those two trees have been hit by lightening more times than I can remember and both are still alive. I have had two strikes in my yard over the past 25 years with one only killing the pine tree while the other jumped from the tree to my neighbors chain link fence that was tied in with the telephone ground. It followed the path of least resistance and took out the internet and phone systems of 6 houses.

  4. Chris Mallory says:

    A little OT, but be on the look out for remnants of a hurricane/tropical storm hitting you next Tuesday and Wednesday. Wind and up to 6+ inches of rain depending on the track the storm takes.

  5. Will says:

    Out here in CA we had our once a year thunderstorm and lightning a little while back. Been so long since I heard thunder I had to go out in the yard to see what it was, LOL. Anyhow, the midwest and south is a different place when it comes to storms, right Kenny? If you feel the hair standing up while you’re outside, hit the deck or get inside, fast.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Only time I really felt my hair stand up was when I was working on a tower in Germany. Lightning hit a tree a couple hundred yards away. I unassed that tower in record time.

      • Will says:

        LOL, I’ll bet you did!

        • Wirecutter says:

          The area we were in wasn’t really known for thunderstorms and we were forecast for heavy wind and torrential rainfall. That’s why I was up that evening, I was battening everything down in preparation for the weather that was coming in later that night. That lightning bolt was a complete surprise to the point that I don’t recall the thunderclap at all – I probably drowned it out with all my little girl screaming anyways.

  6. Steven Wright says:

    I was standing topside watch in Bergen Norway. We were on shore power from a enormous train track transportes generator. We had come to port after a terrible storm broke a Norwegian frigate and sank her with the loss of all hands. Lightning hit the generator maybe 30 yards away from me. Freezing driving sideway rain, no power in the dark standing on the hull of a submarine. They startes the diesel generator on the boat. The exhaust is cooled by saltwater. So now, dark, cold, wet with sideways freezing rain, lightning, and hot salty water mixed with diesel exhaust falling on me.
    Really makes a man appreciate life

  7. Robb says:

    The “sizzling through the air”… I’ve been close enough a few times to hear that. It’s funny how your brain works, slowing down things like that. It really feels like 2-3 seconds, when it’s really probably less than a quarter second. Then.. BOOOM!! I have never been next to a howitzer when it’s firing, but I’m sure it’s close.

  8. Towser says:

    Monday, my co-worker showed me a video he took of his Amish neighbor’s barn burning after being hit by lightning. It was a new barn for what’s that’s worth. The barn should be rebuilt by end of day today.

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