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Shooting on Texas freeway, 2 dead, 30 injured – so far

An active shooter incident with multiple injuries and deaths has been reported in the neighboring cities of Midland and Odessa, Texas. Police say they believe there are one or possibly two suspects in separate vehicles on the loose in the … Continue reading

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Malicious Compliance Revisited

With registration schemes in the works, let’s imagine a humorous, purely hypothetical scenario. Police State A passes a registration law. Folks in other states publicly post something along the lines of, “I happen to know that someone in [NOT-State-A] has … Continue reading

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When men get bored

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How Competitive Walking Captivated Georgian Britain

ON THE MORNING OF SEPTEMBER 26, 1815, George Wilson was arrested. For walking. “It never reached my apprehension, however, until chastised by your all-powerful authority that walking alone on the skirt of a wild heath, remote from the ordinary intercourse … Continue reading

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Jap sneak attack

Police in Fukuoka, Japan, this week arrested and filed charges against a 37-year-old salaryman who had sent unsolicited penis pictures via a smartphone to a fellow passenger on a train, violating the prefecture’s ordinance forbidding troublesome behavior – specifically a … Continue reading

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When you’re married to a wannabe meter maid

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“I TOLD YOU (whack whack) TO STOP!!!

GALLATIN, TN (WSMV) – A Westmoreland Police officer has been charged with assault after an investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Amanda Lynn Wolfe, 26, was charged with assault after District Attorney General Ray Whitley requested the investigation. MORE … Continue reading

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Allman Brothers Band

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No shit?

Editor’s note, Aug. 27, 2019: In recent days, this 2017 story has been circulating on social media, presented as though it’s current news. The story appears below as originally published in July 2017, and we have added “From 2017:” to … Continue reading

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Your Friday Evening Florida Report

PORT ORANGE, FL (WESH) — A Volusia County teacher who was caught on camera mowing his lawn while nude is fighting to get his job back. The teacher was demoted to a nonteaching position after he was recorded, but the … Continue reading

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That smell? Oh, it’s just your transmission.

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40mm Hog Hunting

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Friday gifdump Part III

1) 2) 3)

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Could I get that illegal ‘to go’?

As we head into the long Labor Day weekend, here are two tips to make your holiday even more cheerful. First: Remember to watch out for drunk driving illegal aliens! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued report … Continue reading

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America’s Poor Farms & Poor Houses of Yesteryear

Jesus announced, “The poor you will always have with you,” to his disciples some two-thousand years ago and if the past twenty centuries have been any indicator, his words have proven to be true. Poverty has always been around, more … Continue reading

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Wait for it…

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Stories from WWII and Iwo Jima


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Kinda funny how that works, huh?

A couple weeks back for Friday’s music post, I put up a video of Steppenwolf playing ‘The Pusher Man’, a song I hadn’t heard in years. I’m talking several years here, maybe 4 or 5. Since then, in just the … Continue reading

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Well, that didn’t work out as planned, did it?

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Appalachia’s Front Porch: The Heartbeat of Family Life

These days, the average family’s typical evening is spent doing one of a thousand different things, ranging from scattering across town in different directions to dispersing through the home to each person’s own unique space — walled far away and … Continue reading

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