Antifa Tactics, Video Of Knife Attack, & Defense Strategy

A fascinating video of an Antifa Mob picking a target, going after him, and then some folks in the non-Antifa crowd “running interference” so the guy can escape attack. Filmed on a 360 Degree camera.

The narrator is in the film as well. He’s the one who gets between Antifa-with-knife and Blue-Cavalry-Hat-Bike and prevents the attack. Toward the end, another Antifa goes at a full run trying to catch up with Blue-Hat and instead runs full tilt into narrators camera monopod and goes down.

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7 Responses to Antifa Tactics, Video Of Knife Attack, & Defense Strategy

  1. Gordon says:

    That stuff might play in Portland or Seattle or even Atlanta. But let those no account bums try to stage a mob like that in a small southern town and see what happens.

  2. Steve says:

    This part stuck out to me:
    Antifa clearly has assigned roles. A “Caller” who fingers a target. Folks who shout and taunt. Blockers who trap and prevent movement / escape. The “Reds” who do a “dive in, assault, melt away”. Pack Mob violence at its morally most evil.
    So they have evolved from a mob that engages in random violence, to a choreographed gang attack.

  3. TC says:

    Weird how Trump’s DOJ hasn’t gone after antifa, huh?

  4. James says:

    A timely post,working outside of Boston and thus will attend the Straight Pride Parade tomm. in Boston brought to us by the nice folks @Super Happy Fun America.I saw antifas work a few years back in Boston during the so called free speech rally.While keeping a eye on the masked the video shows but much better personal experiance has taught me many of the wanna be’s/hanger ons in the group unmasked will get spicy if they think they can get away with it,dissuade them immediately along with the masked little bandits.

    Yes,I know kinda dumb to go in some ways buck fuck that noise,this country born to a degree in Boston,perhaps one day we can bring the city’s pride and place in history back.

    Will drop a report on Sunday on how it went down from my point of view.

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