And the bride looked lovely

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15 Responses to And the bride looked lovely

  1. Cavguy says:

    Something wrong with that society!

  2. Stretch says:

    That hussy! Letting her right wrist stick out like that!

  3. Col. Angus says:

    Bride’s maids look like a bunch of anteaters!

  4. brighteyes says:

    I can’t say it as nicely. That’s fucked up man.

  5. Padawan says:

    When I worked at a local college I used to refer to them as Muslim ninjas. (I think I got that one from Warhorse.)

  6. meh says:

    An excellent way to blow one’s money!

  7. The Rat Fink says:

    Gee Wally, it must be those feed bags that fatten ’em up as they get older!

  8. Anderson says:

    This could be a component of why some Muzzie men are so angry at the world. They don’t find out how butt-ugly their wife is until the wedding night.

  9. Phil B says:

    The best man will be playing roulette chatting up the bridesmaids. Definitely buying a pig in a poke with that strategy.

  10. Eric says:

    I get that some women cant choose the bullshit they get stuck with, but the ones that willingly CHOOSE to live like that…. Fucking mental

  11. Alex Lund says:

    If you post this at Facebook, wirecutter, I bet you get a suspension – again.
    By the way, how many did you collect till today?
    And after how many suspensions are you banned for life on Facebook?

    • Wirecutter says:

      I think I’ve got 4 30 day suspensions, a couple for 7 days and 2-3 time-outs of 24 hours under my belt.
      I have no idea how many I’m allowed before I’m banned for life, but I’ve got a feeling I’ll find out sooner or later.

  12. Just a Joe says:

    How disrespectful, no goats in that lineup!

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