Because we can always count on FB doing the Right Thing…

Following a weekend with two mass shootings, President Donald Trump directed the Department of Justice to team up with local, state and federal agencies to work harder to find potential attackers. He also called on social media companies to “develop tools to detect mass shooters before they strike.”


I see shit like that and remember that Facebook suspended me for 30 days for posting a picture of myself.

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5 Responses to Because we can always count on FB doing the Right Thing…

  1. oldawg says:

    Wellllll, if it was the one of you in the skirt and boats with stumps hairier than Sasquatch………….

  2. nines says:

    We have to be realistic. Mark Zuckerberg is triggered by manly images.

    And asking any social media platform to write algorithms for mass murderer detection is already known to be a ludicrously dangerous delegation of responsibility. I think Trump’s just tossing out ideas, and hope that if social media have a role to play here that any algorithm for this purpose is IMPOSED on them.

    I mean, we know through Bill Binney that the government already gets all the pertinent data immediately, but only uses it for when they’re targeting someone or blackmailing someone, not having anything like the personnel to go through it all.

    Personally, I don’t think the people in charge of social media, large corporations or government have the moral and mental acumen to fit the bill. I keep trying to think of better alternatives than this seriously sucky one, but all of them involve actually ADULT human administration and we are too damned short of those.

    None of them holds a candle to just returning to the basic compact… Americans agreeing that our constitution overrides whatever mayhem we have to pay for its perpetuation into the future. Maybe I’m too old, but every time I try to give this stuff a good think, it comes back to that, and flashes on all the HEROES who died willingly for this.

    I don’t think any of them died so that we might dumb down, drug and mesmerize our kids, though. I also think the experiment in withholding corporal punishment backfired spectacularly. It was aimed at turning out less violent kids. They are violently more violent than ever in recorded history, and they’re not growing out of it.

  3. ChuckN says:

    Ironically if this was legitimately done, Antifa, most of the media and a good many dem/communist reps would be immediately flagged.

  4. BigSlurpy says:

    I got suspended this morning for calling Illegal Aliens Criminal Invaders.

  5. Antibubba says:

    All we’re talking about is reasonable restrictions on the press. The Founders never intended the First Amendment to protect the kind of unlimited access the internet provides. If it’ll save even one life…

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