Does anybody else hear banjos?

The suspect wanted for Friday’s rice cooker bomb scare is a 26-year-old West Virginia native who is facing charges in his home state for allegedly sending bestiality videos involving a chicken to a minor, law enforcement sources told The Post.

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  1. Rick says:

    Yesterday on the radio I heard a snippet about this guy. What I heard was this guy was seen on surveillance cameras of handling a “rice cooker” then putting it down. And he was arrested.

    My first thoughts were the guy was unfortunate to find something, pick it up, then put it down somewhere. And that he is going to be framed.

    How do you frame someone, anyone? You want to paint a picture of an unsavory character. You conjure a questionable past, highlight the negative aspects, marginalize the positive. You use the media to develop public outrage.

    Other people engage in sex with animals. But with them, there are some segments of the public which deem that okay. But to one you wish to frame, no way, no how, is it okay. What does sending videos of bestiality have to do with the accusation of being a ‘pressure cooker bomber’? Nothing, except that it is part of the negative image they want to imbue into the public. They did the same thing with the Atlanta shoe bomber.

  2. Rick says:

    It has been reported that this man is bipolar and that his brother said about him that he is off his meds. He even tried to be admitted for psych eval two days prior.

    Let’s stop right there, how many other ‘mass shooters’ or ‘domestic terrorists’ does this pattern include?

    So far, the evidence, as presented to the public, seems scant. Sure, it’s early in the investigation and not all details are publicly released. The suspect’s brother says he found the rice cookers and put them into his shopping cart. (shopping cart conveys image of a homeless person or one on the edge of society). His brother says the suspect contacted him to ask what he should do after he took the rice cookers out of the cart and put them (the media reports ‘placing’ them, that suggests the power of wordsmithing: one innocently puts an object down, a terrorist places a homemade bomb)

    That it is now being reported that the past of this man includes nefarious, even dispicable behavior is ipso facto that the direct evidence of terrorism is very lacking. What has been said of his past does not show any tendencies towards terrorism. Is videos of bestiality evidence of terrorism? No, it is not. By the TPTB have to go there. Why? Easy, because they have to frame him in order to claim a victory, to show the public that they are on top of things.

    Yet, one more thing remains and it is quite sinister. This man has been, or soon will be, presented as a ‘good ol boy’, one who maybe not far right but leans to the right. This in order to show that the right are as prone to violence as those on the left. That is the new narrative.

    Increasingly, I am reading and hearing this new front in the war with words. Just Sunday morning I read several opinion pieces which label the shooters in El Paso and Dayton and Charlottesville (must keep Charlottesville in front of the public) as right wing.

  3. Rick says:

    Kenny, and others. I just became aware of a new website being promoted as ‘facebook for gun owners’.

    2A = 2nd Amendment
    C3 = Control, Command, Communicate

  4. Daryl says:

    Dammit Larry, it’s pressure cookers you are supposed to use. Who the fuck makes a bomb out of a rice cooker? People like you are the ones that keep this state in the lower ranks of intelligence. But I will give you a “Fuck Yea, West Virginia” for the chicken porn.

  5. mdfuller56 says:

    Rick – all good info and independent thinking, thank you. Damn shame our country is being “informed” by the DNC’s propaganda arm, the legacy broadcast media.At least the Prez mentioned that very fact outright in one of his tweets last week.

  6. bogsidebunny says:

    Mommy and Daddy are twins.

  7. I Am Who I Am says:

    When he goes to Chick-fil-A, I bet he puts on his own ‘special sauce.’

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