Friday gifdump Part III











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20 Responses to Friday gifdump Part III

  1. 9Booger says:

    is #2 Angel?

    • Miles Long says:

      Not braking? WTF?

      • Scruff says:

        still hasn’t noticed the hood, busy texting.

        • anonymous says:

          Man, that takes me back to summer ’80. Cousin, Brother and I drove up in Cousin’s Datsun pickup to Yosemite to go camping. His radiator was rusty, so we had to stop every now and again for it to cool off. Took longer to get there but we saw so much more.

          Anyway, Cousin gets the idea to unhook the hook and drive that way for longer in betweens. Worked for a while until the hood came up some. So we closed and called it lesson learned. Latch must have been damaged because somewheres down a mountain grade near Bishop, it came i with a vengeance, wrapping front around the top of windshield roof. Smashed the windshield pretty good.

          Good times !!

  2. censusdesignatedplace says:

    When I could get hold of my dog’s canine like that, I had her.
    For a minute.

  3. M. Sage says:

    What kind of shotgun is that in 10? I’ve never seen a pump that drew the next shell out of the magazine like that – they usually have a latch that releases at some point and the magazine spring drives it back.

  4. M. Sage says:

    Never mind. Found #10. It’s a Winchester Model 12.

  5. Rowland says:

    I LOVE cutaway firearms. So cool to watch the action and the interaction between all the pieces.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Especially when you realize someone thunked that all up, then carved the parts that made it work, and then drew the pictures for the blueprints, etc.

  6. Robert Evans says:

    #1: Your mama warned you, but did you listen? Nooooo!

  7. Wolffman says:

    #4, apparently, none of y’all have been across the old Tappan Zee Bridge in NY, but their equipment was automated!

    • rocketride says:

      I have. Many times. I don’t live that far from there.
      Have been hearing its replacement being referred to as “Fredo’s daddy’s bridge”.

  8. Rob says:

    #2 isn’t even slowing down

  9. Thomas says:

    I have seen a machine like #4 , but not one that looked like a bus.

  10. Coal Fusion says:

    Dallas metro has a barrier mover like #4 but it moves concrete K rails. Not that pansy plastic stuff.

  11. Fulldraw says:

    Is that a string poping out of number 6?

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