Friday gifdump Part III











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  1. Gryphon says:

    #1 is Bubba didn’t use Grade 8 Bolts (U.S. made, not Chinamart) to hold the Engine to the Transmission.
    #3 is some Careful Flying.
    #9 is why the Portable Stripper’s Pole is a Bad Idea. Wonder how the Girl is going to Pay for that TV?

    • Harry Steele says:

      thats the head flying off the top of engine, not engine coming off of trans…

      • Daryl says:

        Not the head, it’s the intake.

        • M. Sage says:

          Nope. That’s the entire engine from the crankshaft up. The block broke at the mains. Connecting rods and pistons are still attached to the crank and the crank is still bolted to the transmission.

          I’ve seen a few videos now of Cummins of ridiculous output blowing the cylinders off the mains. Seen videos of it happening on engine dynos.

          Here’s an example of it where you can clearly see the block has broken between the mains and cylinders. You can see the pistons flailing around at about 15 seconds. Of course, everything that mounts above the cylinders goes flying with them.

          Here’s another good one (actually, it seems to be the same one with better angles). Skip to about 3 minutes because this guy likes to hear himself talk. Engine explodes on the dyno at 3:30, you can clearly see pistons on con rods flailing around at 3:31. 3:52, you can see the mains are still bolted together, rods and pistons (where the aluminum pistons didn’t hit stuff and shatter) are still attached to the crank. On the near side of the engine you can see the lower half of the bores for most of the cam bearings. The cam bearings seem to be the weakest point in the block. Mind you, I doubt you’re going to see a failure at that weak point without something like 80 lbs of boost, so your truck is going to be OK.

          This is caused by so much combustion chamber pressure that the block can’t handle the force.

          • Elmo says:

            Some of the ‘More Horsepower’ guys I used to haul logs with used to take their trucks to Sacramento to put them on a dynamometer to see what kind of horsepower their motors were putting out. A couple of them were so hot that the drive tires would actually sling rubber that would stick on the ceiling.
            These same guys used to rebuild their motors every winter. I used to go seven years on mine, and even then it really didn’t need it.

        • M. Sage says:

          By the way, I realize it’s probably a Cat engine and not a Cummins, but same thing. There’s vapor coming out of the cylinders as the top half of the block comes to rest. Different engine, different design, same exact failure.

        • MikeH says:

          not to be a dick but you all need to clean your glasses and or screens.
          that is the upper half of the engine block and head
          the only part left in the truck is the rotating assembly.
          power out put on a triple turbo diesel can exceed the tensile strength of the block.
          I doubt that any bolts failed
          If you look Im sure you can find that engine was making between 3,000 and 5,000 HP or many times the intended power of that engine block

      • crazyeighter says:

        Looks like the head took the water jackets with it.

    • Elmo says:

      It split the block in half. The bottom half of the block is still in the frame.

    • Antibubba says:

      Dancing round a real pole, in a real club.

  2. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Never buy J.C. Whitney motor mounts, Bubba.

  3. Rick says:

    #8 That is how you get people to march. Do the recruitment depots know about this?

  4. Old Grump says:

    #1: Now doesn’t that just torque you off?

  5. trib says:

    #3 Holy shit

  6. Frank says:

    #6 – success makes her excited?

  7. Rdawg says:

    I wonder if the Blue Angels are flying over Seattle in that video.

  8. Bright Eyes says:

    #2 I was stopped on an old bridge going into Makawao, Maui. An old narrow bridge. I was in the sun and it was raining in the other lane. I stuck my hand out my window into it. Rain never did come to my side of the road. Pretty cool.

  9. BigCountryExpat says:

    #2 That could be Florida… pouring rain in the front yard and my backyard is dry as a bone…

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve sat on my back porch here in Tennessee and seen it raining so hard I couldn’t see my burn barrel 50 yards away, yet not a drop of rain hit my house.

  10. Handy Wrencher says:

    #1 looks like the head, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbo, and possibly, the top part of the block split away.
    They use some pretty strong head bolts to contain the horses in the holes.

  11. whynot says:

    #3 is why the Tbirds flew in to the dirt in 1982, killing 4. The lead sets everything. Everyone else flies off the lead.

    The ultimate in trusting your mate…….

  12. CM says:

    #3 Is cool to see, especially in person, but now that I am an old curmudgeon, it seems like a big waste of taxpayers dollars.

    • rocketride says:

      They were in my neck of the woods (SWF) the weekend before last . I’d swear I saw the exact same footage of them doing a turn over the Hudson and thought I was seeing it again here, but the shoreline doesn’t match, there’d be a double truss-arch bridge visible as well as 1,000-3000 ft mountains in almost every direction (at varying distances). Didn’t go to the show but got good photos from my front yard– we live within 2 miles of the center of the runway and while the BAs did their vertical maneuvers close to the flight line, the British Red Arrows did theirs about 200 yards east of my house and I got a spectacular series of them doing a shellburst– looking straight up the vertical smoke trails.

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