Hottie has egg on her face

A woman in the United Kingdom claims she suffered severe facial burns after eggs she cooked in the microwave exploded in her face.

Bethany Rosser, 22, of Redditch, Worcestershire, told the UK-based outlet SWNS she Googled instructions on how to make hard-boiled eggs in the microwave without causing them to explode. She claims she came across an article from Delish, a popular recipe site.

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10 Responses to Hottie has egg on her face

  1. nonncom says:

    Most people understand that when you heat a liquid rapidly in a sealed container, the expansion will/could cause an explosion….for those who do not understand this, I suppose there could be warnings on things like egg cartons…..I mean, hell, there’s even a warning on cigarette packs, for cryin’ out loud….if people are too stupid to realize filling your lungs with smoke could be hazardous to your health, it is safe to assume the same for super-heating an egg rapidly in it’s shell….

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Just look at your average and evidently successful TV commercial or reality show, noncom and you’ll understand the planet is loaded with people who are that stupid. Put warning labels on products and you’ll get the same results as the state DOT gets when they hang warnings are like “No-Right-on-Red” signs.

  2. censusdesignatedplace says:

    My son put an egg in the microwave when he was about 8. About the time I said “noooo” it blew the microwave door wide open spewing hot egg goo all over the kitchen. Luckily he was short enough to be well below the blast. He was embarrassed because he wanted to help “cook” and messed up. I was laughing my ass off for some reason. Got it all cleaned up before mama got home.

    • Unclezip says:

      My youngest did the same thing at six or so. I came about a foot off the bed when it blew.

  3. Jack Russell says:

    She’s from Redditch – say no more……….

  4. Bossmech says:

    Yokes on you!!!

  5. FrankP says:

    She had egg on her face?

    There’s a joke in there somewhere…

  6. Sanders says:

    Stupidity should be painful.

  7. Bacon says:

    Egg on her face? Amateur. I blew the door off its hinges, cracked the cavity, melted the control panel, and smoked the capacitors attached to the magnetron. Good times!

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