I’d have to steer clear of that mess

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9 Responses to I’d have to steer clear of that mess

  1. Cederq says:

    It is either moving day or they couldn’t decide what not to bring camping so he kept buying a bigger trailer…

  2. Elmo says:

    I’ve never seen a bike pulling a trailer that size. Is that legal in some states? I don’t think it is here in the No Fun State (California).

  3. Cavguy says:

    And is that a horse on a sidecar? Looks like band equipment and party supplies. But I don’t get the horse?

    • oldawg says:

      Party time here in Texas.

    • Griffin says:

      Didn’t notice the side car..looks like a horse!

    • nines says:

      I think that would be a pony in the sidecar to help distribute the weight to pull the load.

      And it looks like a musician headed for a campout music festival… and maybe the wife will be selling pony rides for kids on the side.

  4. C.R. says:

    nice thing about a bike is traveling light

  5. Mike'S9 says:

    The horse is on the shoulder [probably has his blinkers on]. He’s just going to his next gig. The “small” person is probably his back-up singer.

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