Racist dog?

The home of a Catholic priest was the last place LaShundra Allen ever would have expected to be denied work because of her skin color, she said.

Allen, who is black, arrived with her white co-worker the morning of May 3 for what was supposed to be her first day cleaning the Rev. Jacek Kowal’s rectory at the Catholic Church of the Incarnation in Collierville, Tennessee. The co-worker from the cleaning company who accompanied her, Emily Weaver, was quitting and came along to introduce Allen as her replacement.

But the women wouldn’t get far. The secretary stopped them, Allen told The Washington Post, and said she would have to go ask Kowal if the new arrangement was OK.

The secretary soon informed them it was actually not OK – because of the priest’s “racist” dog.


I don’t know what it is, but every dog I’ve ever owned did not like blacks, even CharlieGodammit, and he’s about the friendliest dog I’ve ever run across. But then again, I’ve had black friends that owned dogs that hated white people. I guess it depends on what they’re used to.

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  1. Rayvet says:

    25 years ago I was fixin to get married. Friend of mine (who happened to be black) was going to sing at the wedding. Guy had a phenomenal voice. He came over to my house to go over the ceremony and when he knocked on the door, my Golden retrieve went unhinged and about jumped through the window to get to him. Mind you, this was a Golden, I had never heard him bark and here he was trying to kill Tony. He came in and said to me “don’t you know dogs don’t like black people”. He said he was told that the whole time he was growing up and pretty much found it to be true. Oh, and blacks don’t like dogs like weimeraners because of their glassy blue/green eyes. Culturally they’re taught that they’re possessed. Just an FYI for anyone that’s interested.

  2. crazyeighter says:

    Padre, this isn’t like a particularly odoriferous fart; you can’t blame it on the dog.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    I had a dog who ran away when he saw a Korean with a cleaver. Is that racist?

    • SAM says:

      I don’t know, what race was the cleaver?

      • Larry says:

        The Cleavers were white. Jeez, didn’t you ever watch TV?

        • SAM says:

          Read the first post. Here in the UK we never had “Leave It to Beaver”

          • crazyeighter says:

            You never had “Leave it to Beaver”.

            And it shows…

          • Larry says:

            Another generation and Brits won’t have cleavers or knives, and you’ll really be mystified. All your food will come pre-chopped into bite-size pieces unless you have a special license and a safe to lock them up in….

          • FaCubeItches says:

            Yeah, you had to make due with Thatch the Snatch. (Probably the greatest politician nickname ever.)

        • Mike_C says:

          “The Cleavers were white”
          Well, yeah, but Mrs Cleaver spoke fluent jive.


          Oh yeah. As far as Koreans and dogs go, I have learned that it’s okay to make jokes about dog eating (at least around the Pretty Korean Girl; y’all are on your own if you try this around a bunch of ROK Marines or something) but the other day I made a crack about garlic and was met with the dead flat glare that is the look of extremely limited amusement.

  4. Wolffman says:

    In 1972 my parent’s friends gave them a 14 lb. black french poodle. This dog loved blond women but would growl and show teeth if any person who was large, carried a bag and was black, walked past… Our mailman, the nicest peson on the route was large, carried a bag and was black, poor soul…this dog wasn’t “taught” any behavior, he knew what he liked and what he didn’t!

  5. They sleep in the bedrooms and listen to our nightmares.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    I have seen a couple of dogs that not only didn’t like black people, but they hated them, with a pure and vicious hatred. I don’t know why, but I always thought it had to be something from their past.
    But I was impressed by the owner of the cleaning business. It is not normal that you see an employer who stands up so tall for his employees. He did the right thing. I read the link you put here, and it almost seemed as if the preacher wanted to say, ” I love blacks, some of my best friends are black people.”
    I like to think that I am one of the least racist people around, since I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and only judge them if they show that they deserve to be judged. And then, color doesn’t enter into my mind, but only the person’s character. I have known some black people that I would allow to hold my wallet and all my guns, and not even consider whether or not they would steal from me. And I have known many white people who I would not trust if they said good morning, but I would have to look outside to see if the sun was up or not.
    The thing is, when you are hiring someone in this country, you are bound by certain rules, and racial bias goes against those rules, as it should. You should only be able to discriminate against things that are under a person’s control. Color is out of the hands of anyone, drug use is a thing to check and discriminate against. There is a company nearby that won’t hire you if you smoke regular cigarettes. It is not a judgement but rather it is so they can get a break on their health insurance. And they actually do random testing for nicotine in people, with the top CEO also having his name in the hat, along with the janitor and everyone in between.
    Something tells me that this decision is going to cost that church a lot of money.

  7. Ray Mota says:

    There are numerous stories you can search on the web on this topic, especially regarding Muhamad and Islam. Do the research.

  8. hvlee says:

    Don’t know about the priest’s dog but Louis L’Amour in one of his novels said you could make a dog sensitive to the smell of Indians by hiring an Indian to beat the dog with a chain daily.

  9. Marach says:

    Our dogs do not take kindly to smokers trying to pet them, and to people that have tenancies to harbor anger or hostility. We had one that my father insulted, calling her the ugliest dog he’d ever seen. Til the day she died she never forgave him. Would not take food from him, would not let him pet her, got up and moved if he tried to sit next to her. Conversely, when they like someone, as far as they are concerned you are their friend for life.

    • Klaus says:

      I’ve witnessed almost the same exact behavior before. I’ve always believed that dogs are absolutely the best judge of character in humans or better yet lack of. My Opa once told me don’t trust a person who doesn’t like dogs and always watch how a dog reacts to a certain person,it speaks volumes.

  10. Cederq says:

    I had both an female Aussie Shepard and an Aussie Cattle Dog and they both did not like blacks or mexicans and it wasn’t a behavior I taught or encouraged them with. Cattle Dogs have some Dingo in them and do not like blacks, I had to hold her tight when one was around. But, I never had to worry about my truck or home…

  11. J Pritchett says:

    Back in the 70’s there was a novel out called “White Dog” . Supposedly a “true” based story by Roman Gary.Explained how it was done. Mediocre movie as well. But scary clear it can be done.

  12. Rick says:

    My German Shepherd/Black Lab would nip at every beaner withing teeth distance. I did not teach him that but I wasn’t going to ‘fix’ it either.

    I think its all the fabric softener they use to cover up for poor personal hygiene.

  13. grayman says:

    Dogs are absolutely that way, I have friends of different races their dogs did not like other races. It is not something taught but just the dog gets acclimated to certain races and do not take to others. My dogs were around other races all the time and did not care, but believe me if my dog does not like you then I will not and no way you get close. No matter your race!

  14. favill says:

    In 2007, I was visiting FOB Apache in Afghanistan, which had a camp dog. He was laying out on their little square and I was missing my old dog so I went up to him and started petting him. The dog didn’t know me from Adam as I was only visiting, but he rolled over to let me rub his belly, you know the kind of things that dogs do to get more attention. Anyways, while this was going on an Afghan police man came out of the joint TOC and walked towards us…the minute his foot stepped into the square the dog was on his feet between me and the Afghan and he was growling and snarling at the guy (I presume that the Afghan was stationed in the fob)…the Afghan literally veered away and the dog tracked him the whole time keeping himself between me and the Afghan police man while he was in view…once he disappeared the dog just lay back down, rolled over and looked at me like “okay where we?…” and I resumed petting him. Here’s the kicker, I look like an Afghan (I’ve got the tanned skin, about the same build, same colour hair, Eurasian facial features, etc)…but the dog had a completely different reaction to me–and he didn’t even know me. (But then again…I eat bacon)

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